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Top 10 Virtual Reality Games

  • Bhumika Dutta
  • Nov 17, 2021
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The world of gaming is getting more and more interesting every day, with the  introduction of technologies that provide a life-like experience while gaming. One of the most popular technologies is Virtual Reality (VR). 


Virtual reality (VR) has been around for several decades, but until recently, even the most advanced VR devices were prohibitively expensive and difficult to use for most customers.


The use of computer technology to create a simulated world is known as virtual reality (VR). The head-mounted display (HMD) is the most instantly recognized component of Virtual Reality.


 Humans are visual animals, and the display technology that separates immersive Virtual Reality systems from standard user interfaces is frequently the most significant distinction.


There are many VR hardware for gaming like HTC Vive, Oculus, Quest 2, PlayStation VR, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality, that support VR and provide a wonderful experience to the gamers if connected with a powerful VR ready gaming PC or laptop. 


There are a few things that one must consider before getting into the world of virtual reality. The most apparent is to see if the game one is interested in is compatible with your virtual reality device. 


Another factor to consider is if the game allows you to sit and stand at the same time. If someone is prone to motion nausea, they have to see if there are any accessible options for changing the movement settings.


In this article, we have listed the top 10 Virtual Reality Games that are popular and thoroughly enjoyed by the gaming community.


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Topmost Virtual Reality Games


  1. Beat Saber:


Beat Saber is an interactive music and rhythm game. Instead of steering a virtual ship or playing fake instruments as in previous music games like Audiosurf, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, players slash their way through a song with virtual laser swords. 


Dance Beat Saber combines Dance Revolution with Star Wars, Guitar Hero with Tron, and all of this takes place in virtual reality. Players slice about with luminous sabres to the beat of a musical track in this rhythm game. 


It requires players to keep up with the beat while avoiding obstacles and cutting specific coloured blocks from specific directions.


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  1. Budget Cuts:


Cost-cutting robots attempt to terminate one's job by whatever means necessary in this game. One must use covert methods or aggressive violence to battle their way through an office atmosphere to save their job (and your life).


The game's hook is all too true, since AI and automation technologies are ready to take over certain real-world positions previously held by humans. 


Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is the sequel to Budget Cuts. It works on platforms like HTC Vive, oculus quest, oculus rift and Rift S, Valve index. 



  1. Stride:


Freerunning is a perfect match for VR, and Stride is here to fill that need. The player can leap, slide, and wall-run their way over an endless metropolis of rooftops in a race to see how long they can last. 


It's a physically demanding game that demands a lot of arm movement to control the character. That becomes much more difficult as the game includes shooters who want to kill the gamer as they're running, but at least they  have a weapon to defend themselves with. 


This is a game with plenty of promise for virtual thrills, with infinite, timed, and arena modes currently in place, as well as a storey mode on the way.


  1. Farpoint:


Farpoint is the first game to utilise the PS VR Aim, a gun-shaped controller created exclusively for first-person shooters, and is a showcase title for the PS4's VR capabilities. Sony claims that the VR Aim can monitor player motions on a 1:1 scale, giving the game's shooting mechanics a realistic feel. 


In Farpoint, players must navigate a hostile alien world while surviving lethal enemy encounters in order to figure out what happened to the rest of their research team. Farpoint is a short game, but it's still worth playing if one has a PlayStation.


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  1. I expect you to Die:


This game is the ultimate James Bond simulator, putting players in the shoes of a true international superspy on a mission to bring down a criminal organisation no matter what obstacles they face. 


They'll  have to deflect concealed lasers, evade heat-seeking missiles, and serve beverages to foil the criminal mastermind's scheme before it comes to fruition in an escape room-style adventure. The traps may make players feel more like Austin Powers than 007, but the game has lots of humour to keep players interested even if they fail. 


I Expect You To Die 2 is a charming sequel with delightful characters - including Wil Wheaton's superb voice acting - and a spy-cliché-filled narrative.



  1. Lone Echo 2:


The games Lone Echo and  Lone Echo 2 are Oculus Rift games that are meant to be played on a PC using the Oculus Rift headset. One may also play these incredible space explorers on either Quest or Quest 2 via the Link cable or Air Link. 


The experience of floating through the environments by pushing oneself, grabbing and climbing, and pulling through zero-G spaces is completely unforgettable, and the level of graphical detail is impressive. 


These are by no means the first VR games to put people in space – a number of spaceship fighter sims have already attempted it – but the experience of floating through the environments by pushing yourself, grabbing and climbing, and pulling through zero-G spaces is completely unforgettable, and the level of graphical detail is impressive.


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  1. Keep talking and Nobody Explodes:


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the ideal multiplayer game for putting friendships to the test, since it requires players to communicate and coordinate to disarm a complicated bomb. The participants are divided into two groups in this game: one Defuser and multiple Experts. 


The device can be seen and examined, but the defusers are unable to read the instructions. The handbook can be read by experts, but they cannot see the explosive. 


If anybody wants to make it out alive, they must share knowledge, coach each other through defusal processes, and keep track of their progress. Keep in mind that explosives have a countdown timer and will detonate if players make too many errors.



  1. Minecraft VR:


Minecraft is available on practically every platform imaginable, including virtual reality. For those unfamiliar with Minecraft, it's a combination of exploration, creation, and survival with a distinct low-poly look. 


The game adds 3D audio, a virtual living room mode (for a respite from the first-person perspective), VR Turning (which snaps head swivelling motions to increments to reduce dizziness), and VR Controls to the VR platform (makes in-game tasks easier to manage). 


Multiplayer game options are now available in Minecraft VR, allowing players to share the experience with their friends.


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  1. Pistol Whip:


Pistol Whip is similar to Beat Saber, except instead of lightsabers, it uses firearms. The players  finally get the chance to become their own action movie hero as you dodge bullets and take out opponents, earning additional points if they can fire them in time to the background music. 


The main game is wonderful, but free campaign upgrades have added tales and levels set in a cyberpunk future and now the Wild West to all of the game's versions. They will  have enough to do with the additional material, and they'll just have to pay the one-time admission cost. 


If they want to be a little more active, Pistol Whip is also a wonderful option. Dodging bullets is exhausting labour, even if it is fun.



  1.  Project Cars 2:


Project Cars 2 puts players behind the wheel in a realistic circuit racing simulation. From breaking assistance systems to the location of the hands on the steering wheel, the game faithfully recreates the experience of real-world driving. If users want to be really realistic, they can even turn off the HUD. 


Project Cars 2 is distinguished by its visual and environmental effects. The textures on its 180-plus automobile portfolio are stunning and the weather and terrain systems add intricacy. Consider connecting pedals and a steering wheel to get a step closer to realising the dream of owning a high-tech vehicle.


In the end, there are other virtual reality games that are very popular in the market, and with the advancement in technology, more and more games are being developed every day with high class visual graphics and augmentation. In this article, we have listed out 10 of such virtual reality games that are currently reigning the world.

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