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Top 7 Data Cleaning Tools for 2022

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Aug 12, 2021
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First of all, Let me start by telling you What actually is Data Cleaning.


The process of detecting and resolving faulty, incorrect, or irrelevant data is known as data cleaning. This crucial stage of data processing, also known as data scrubbing or data cleaning, improves your company's data's consistency, dependability, and usefulness. Missing numbers, misplaced entries, and typographical mistakes are all common data flaws.


Amount of Data around us is increasing every day, and so are the chances for mistakes. With huge quantities of data coming in from numerous sources, a data cleansing solution is more critical than ever for assuring data quality, process efficiency, and increasing your company's competitive advantage. 


As a result, we rely on data cleansing to improve the efficiency of our data management systems. By minimizing inconsistencies, removing mistakes, and helping businesses to make correct, educated decisions, data cleansing improves the quality and usefulness of our data. Data of poor quality causes a slew of issues in your company. 


You might incur significant costs due to duplicate information, lose revenue due to incorrect addresses, and deliver a bad customer experience. With most businesses dependent on data, especially data-intensive professions such as finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and others, error-free data management becomes critical. 


Scrubbing or cleaning data in a database becomes necessary when altering or deleting data that is inaccurate, incomplete, badly structured, or duplicated.


Manually sifting through billions and billions of records is time-consuming and error-prone, therefore data cleaning solutions, which systematically check data for faults using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables, are becoming increasingly prevalent, even in analytics-driven organisations.


Data Cleaning Includes - 


  1. Getting rid of undesirable comments.

  2. Bringing the data structure together

  3. Removing undesirable outliers and standardising your data

  4. Errors in cross-set data correction

  5. Dealing with data that is lacking

  6. Errors in type conversion and syntax correction

  7. Validating your information


The image depicts different steps involved in the Data Cleaning cycle such as Normalization, Standardization, De-Duplication, Verification, and enrichment, etc.

Steps Involved in Data Cleaning



Manually cleaning data is both time-consuming and inefficient, not to mention prone to mistakes. These concerns are addressed by data cleansing technologies, which assist you and maintain excellent data quality. Which one do you think you should go with? The fact is that there is no such thing as a "correct one." Depending on their aims, problems, and database size, each firm will require various feature requirements from its Data Cleaning Software. 



Top Data Cleaning Tools

Here is our round-up of the finest data cleaning solutions on the market right now :


  1. OpenRefine


This sophisticated tool, formerly known as Google Refine, is useful for dealing with dirty data, cleaning it, and changing it. PenFine is an Open Source Data Utility. Its primary advantage over the other tools on our list is that it is free to use and configure because it is open source. 


OpenRefine enables you to convert data between multiple formats while also ensuring that it is well-structured.It may also be used to parse data from the internet. It has more of a relational database feel to it. This makes it highly useful for data analysts who want more information than a basic Excel file can provide. 


Another significant advantage is that you can work with data on your machine, which keeps the data absolutely safe.  You may connect OpenRefine to external online services and other cloud sources if you wish to link or extend your dataset. Although it executes a range of complex tasks for using it you just need some technical knowledge. (source)


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  1. Trifacta Wrangler


A data cleaning and transformation tool that is interactive. It assists data analysts in more rapidly and correctly cleaning and preparing bad data. It is an interactive tool for data cleansing and transformation that was founded by the creators of Data Wrangler. 


One of the finest characteristics of this application is that it takes less time to format and focuses more on data analysis. Its machine learning techniques assist with data preparation by recommending common transformations and aggregations. Its AI algorithms, for example, can quickly identify and eliminate outliers, as well as automate overall data quality monitoring—a useful tool for continuous data cleaning. 


Rather than having to create data pipelines from the start, the tool's user interface makes it possible to do so in a much more visible and straightforward manner. This is also free software.



  1. Winpure


It is one of the most popular and cost-effective data cleaning solutions, simply cleaning massive amounts of data, eliminating duplicates, rectifying, and normalizing. It's an on-premise technology that may be used by any size company. Data cleansing, data matching, data deduplication, address verification, and email verification are among its functions. 


Depending on your needs and list size, the programme comes in a few different flavours. Unless you're transferring your dataset to the cloud, you won't have to worry about data security because it's installed locally. This is a critical function for Winpure, which is developed exclusively for cleansing company and customer data. 


From CSV files to SQL Server, Salesforce, and Oracle, Winpure Clean & Match can work and clean a wide range of databases and spreadsheets. Advanced data purification and fuzzy matching are some of its major characteristics, as is extremely quick data scrubbing. In addition, it is accessible in four languages: German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, thus providing Multi Lingual Support.


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  1. TIBCO Clarity


This data cleansing solution provides Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for on-demand software services via the web. It allows users to validate data by deduplicating and cleaning addresses, making it easier to see trends and make better judgments. 


It can standardize raw data from a variety of sources, resulting in high-quality data for reliable analysis. It's a feature-rich data cleaning application that can consume data from a variety of sources, including XLS and JSON files, zipped files, as well as a large number of online data warehouses and repositories.


It also has a few nice-to-have features, such as the ability to undo transformations. This function isn't accessible in many tools, but it's useful if you're unhappy with a modification you've made. The only downside to all of these capabilities is that there isn't a free version available.


  1. Melissa Clean Suite


It's a programme that does a comprehensive data analysis and then verifies, standardizes, corrects, and appends client contact records. It may be used in conjunction with your ERP or CRM marketing systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce). 


Data deduplication, contact autocompletion, data verification, data enrichment, constantly updated contacts, real-time and batch processing, and data appending are some of the capabilities offered in Melissa Clean Suite. 


It also comes with numerous built-in marketing tools and doesn't require any complicated training (which is a benefit!). Demographic generation, data targeting, and segmentation are examples of these services. The major advantage of Melissa Clean Suite is that it cleans data as it is gathered. 


Melissa provides evident time-saving benefits from a general data management standpoint while being aimed towards marketing-related data tasks. There isn't much you can't accomplish with this tool because it has so many functions.


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  1. Data Match Enterprise


Data Ladder, an economical cleaning and data quality tool, and DataMatch Enterprise, which offers one of the best matching accuracies and speeds in the market and incorporates advanced fuzzy matching algorithms for up to 100 million records. 


These user-friendly solutions make it simple for organizations of any size or sector to manage their data cleansing operations. It focuses on consumer data. Unlike others, however, it is designed to address data quality concerns inside datasets that are already in bad shape. It utilizes a walkthrough interface to guide you through the data process from start to finish. 


You may manually design match definitions to respond to varying levels of confidence in terms of precision, depending on your desired outcome.It also includes a helpful scheduling feature, allowing you to schedule data cleaning activities ahead of time.



  1. Drake


This text-based data workflow is intuitive to use and extend, with data processing stages described together with their inputs and outputs, and it can automatically handle dependencies and determine the command to run and the sequence in which it should be done. 


It was created with data workflow management in mind, and it structures command execution around data and its dependencies. It may be used for a variety of data processing tasks and has many inputs and outputs.





Here are a few of the data cleansing technologies that analysts use on a daily basis. We recommend that you look into some of these and other tools to continue expanding your data cleansing toolbox. Invest less time and resources coping with duplicate records, maintaining an excessive amount of records, and dealing with incorrect data by improving your data quality.

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