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10 Top Venture Capital Firms in the World

  • Yashoda Gandhi
  • Dec 21, 2021
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The first stage of the journey, whether for company or technology, is to develop a revolutionary concept, which may be made easier in several ways.


However, when it comes to putting the concept into action, a lot of aid is required, including industry experience and a network of existing relationships. Then there's the big one: money, which will aid in long-term growth.


Venture capital companies, pools of brilliant professionals with a passion for invention and a flair for creating success stories, assist visionary founders and CEOs in navigating this difficult path. These investing businesses are dedicated to transforming their concept into a worldwide market.



Venture capital


Venture capital is a sort of private equity and a type of finance provided by investors to fledgling enterprises and small businesses with the potential for long-term growth. Venture capitalists often invest in early-stage firms, which are riskier due to their illiquidity but have the potential to produce substantial profits if invested in the right venture.


The rewards to venture investors are determined by the company's development. Because it is their money on the line, venture capitalists have the potential to sway critical choices made by the firms they invest in.


Venture capital is the best choice for funding an expensive capital source for firms, especially those with substantial up-front capital requirements for which there are no other affordable options. 


The most common instances of unproven value are software and other intellectual property. That is why venture capital investment is most common in the rapidly developing industries of technology and biotechnology.


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Benefits of venture capital


  • Business expertise:


In addition to cash, venture capital investment may provide a start-up or young company with valuable advice and help. This might help with a variety of business issues, including financial and human resource management. As your company expands, making smarter judgments in five key areas will become increasingly critical.


  • Risk management:


Bringing in venture capital helps entrepreneurs in the risk management of beginning a firm. If a startup has an experienced team monitoring its development and operations, it is more likely to avoid major problems. 


Although the failure rate for new enterprises remains high in the first year, having someone to turn to for assistance when confronted with a tough situation may boost the odds of making the best decision.


  • Experienced leadership:


Many successful startup founders go on to work as partners at venture capital companies after selling their companies. They often have past experience growing a company, addressing day-to-day and larger problems, and tracking financial performance. 


Even though they do not have a startup background, they are often skilled in supporting startups and sit on the boards of as many as ten at a time. As a result, they might be valuable leadership assets for the companies in which they invest.


  • Additional resources:


A VC firm can give active help in a number of essential areas, including legal, tax, and personnel problems, which is very important at this time in a fledgling company's growth. Two possible important benefits are faster expansion and higher success.



Best Venture Capital Firms


  1. General catalyst


General Catalyst is a venture capital firm that backs startups and emerging businesses. They generate constant impetus, propelling ideas, professions, and businesses to new heights. General Catalyst has overseen the management of eight venture capital funds totaling over $3.75 billion in financial commitments.


The number of entrepreneurs and founders who return to work with them on a regular basis is the best sign of their success. In their first contact, they form a relationship of trust and friendship. It is a very successful and inventive business with a strong work ethic.


General Catalyst is a highly forward-thinking organization, both in terms of the investments it makes and the way it operates.


  1. Sequoia Capital


Sequoia Capital India is a venture capital firm focused on consumer, technology, and healthcare investments.


Sequoia Capital was founded in 1972 and is based in Menlo Park, California. In a range of industries, the company works with both startups and established enterprises. Sequoia Capital has invested in approximately 1,275 companies since 1972, including prominent figures such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Nvidia, Github, and others.


Sequoia selects 15 to 20 businesses for each cohort every six months and invests $1 million to $2 million in each with cooperation from additional investors. 


  1. Accel


Accel was established in 1983 and is headquartered in California, London, China, and India. The key sectors in which the venture capital firm invests include consumer software, mobile technology, enterprise software, and the internet. Accel Partners, formerly known as Accel, is a venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California.


Palo Alto and San Francisco are the company's headquarters. The venture capital firm has long been one of the most active in Silicon Valley, with major exits in industries ranging from big data to cybersecurity to home automation. They've made around 1,350 investments, with 280 of them profitable.


  1. TCV


TCV is a significant source of funding to both private and public technology businesses in their early phases of growth. Over the previous 26 years, TCV has invested more than $16 billion in over 350 technology businesses and raised more than $19 billion in cash as described as Crunchbase.


TCV is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage private and public technology startups. It also gives data-driven insights, industry expertise, access to world-class talent, and connections to category leaders to management teams.


  1. Greycroft


Greycroft was founded in 2006. Greycroft is a venture capital business that invests in and starts-ups in Internet and mobile technologies. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, two of the world’s most prominent corporate centers. 


Entrepreneurs get awareness, create strategic contacts, bring their inventions to market, and build successful businesses through a network of media and technology sector connections.


Greycroft manages approximately $2 billion in assets and has made over 200 investments in notable companies such as Acorns, App Annie, Bird, Botkeeper, Bright Health, Boxed, Braintree, Buddy Media, and many more since its establishment.


  1. Andreessen Horowitz


Andreessen Horowitz is a venture capital firm founded by  Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz founded the company in 2009.


Andreessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that backs visionary entrepreneurs that are shaping the future via technology. Andreessen Horowitz is a venture capital firm situated in Silicon Valley that manages $4.2 billion in assets. From inception to growth, the firm invests in entrepreneurs who are establishing businesses.


a16z is another name for Andreesen Horowitz. a16z invests in early-stage to late-stage technology firms in the consumer, enterprise, bio/healthcare, cryptocurrency, and fintech sectors. a16z manages about $16.6 billion in assets across numerous ETFs.


  1. Blume Venture


Blume Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It invests in early-stage and seed-stage companies. The venture capital business was created in 2010 with the goal of improving startup finance in India. 


In 2020, Blume Ventures established a $41 million opportunity fund, making it one of the largest domestic opportunity funds among Indian venture capital firms focused on high-performing portfolio businesses. Blume has invested in companies including Unacademy and Servify from this fund's Series B to D rounds.


  1. Matrix partners


Matrix Partners is a private equity firm based in the United States that specializes in venture investing. Matrix Partners India is an investment business that manages INR 1,500 crores. 


With a sector-agnostic investment approach aimed at creating extraordinary returns, the business invests in firms targeting the Indian home market. With its second fund, the business has invested in more than 549 enterprises throughout the world.


It focuses mostly on software, communications, semiconductors, data storage, the Internet, and wireless technologies. Apple Computer, Alteon WebSystems, and Office Club are among Matrix's investments.


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  1. Khosla Venture


Khosla Ventures helps entrepreneurs develop breakthrough technologies by providing venture capital and strategic expertise. Sun Microsystems was founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, a co-founder.


This venture capital firm has made about 700 investments, with 96 of them making it to the IPO stage. It mostly invests in China and the United States, particularly in the software industry.


Despite focusing on a single market, the company has achieved a lot of success in its 16 years of existence. Square, Okta, and Big Switch Networks are just a handful of the famous companies that have left the company.


  1. Kleiner Perkins


Kleiner Perkins is a venture capital firm situated in Menlo Park, California, that was founded in 1972. The business is looking for firms in the media, pharmaceuticals, software, computer hardware, and manufacturing industries to invest in.


It used to only invest in late-stage growth enterprises, but today it also backs early-stage entrepreneurs. They've made over 1,100 investments, with 240 of them going public. 


When they function as the principal investor, they have a success rate of around 79 percent. Some of their most prominent departures include Twitter, Uber, Peloton, and Beyond Meat.


In the end, It not only assists the financial institution, but also the management, technological, and other aspects of the business. It boosts market capitalization, which not only helps the borrowing position but also allows them to raise their own money via the capital market.


It aids the commercialization of innovative items based on current technologies. Finally, venture capital is important to the achievement of enterprises.

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