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Top Wealthtech Players in the world

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Aug 09, 2021
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What is Wealth Management Technology?


In precise terminology, wealth management technology is the digital analysis of trends prevalent in the finance sector while empowering companies to provide customized services to the customers using predictive patterns and advanced technological road maps for better experiences. 


The 21st century is a living testimony of how well technological advancement can turn the tables. From manual labor to digitized files, archive rooms to computer desks, mankind has come a long way in transitioning the way things work from offline to online platforms. 


While education, healthcare, and communication are some of the most renowned realms where technology has paved its way, another notable field of technological advancement is wealth management. 


Making its way into the field of finance and wealth management, technology has not only made industrial operations efficient and easier by a substantial margin, but it has also triggered advancements that have spearheaded many new developments in the sector. 


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Unlike earlier, when the masses were required to approach wealth managers and firms for guiding them through, the online era has brought in a sense of accessibility that is now possible from any corner of the world. 


Moreover, the availability of financial literacy over digital platforms has accelerated the participation of the masses in wealth management, and needless to say, it has also increased the awareness of the wealthtech market.  


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Top Wealthtech Companies 


As we have already understood how the wealth management system intersects with technology, we will now learn about the top wealthtech players in the world. In this segment, we will be discovering the top 10 wealthtech companies across the globe. 


  1. Additiv


Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Additiv is a wealthtech company that is renowned for its digital wealth management innovations. Launched in 1998, the company is associated with leading financial corporations to help them digitalize the finance sector and propagate a digitized wealth management system. 


Aiming to provide an unparalleled digital platform to wealth managers from all across the world, the company implements AI strategies to offer reliable insights in wealth management and credit assets. 


With the help of automated platforms like the Wealth Robo Advisor, the company sustains its operations through a variety of digitized platforms that intend to transform the way wealth management works.  


  1. AlphaSwap


Another leading wealthtech 2021 company in the world, AlphaSwap is a decentralized wealth management firm that has an abundance of stock ideas and capital assets. 


A community platform where one can submit their stock ideas or upvote another one, AlphaSwap pays you for either generating a stock idea or voting for an idea. 


A group of people who are connected by technology, AlphaSwap aims to foster investment-related opportunities and ideas among the masses from all around the globe. Not only does this top wealthtech player encourage people to share their investment ideas, but it also provides them substantial rewards for doing so! 


Deemed to be ‘the world’s first decentralized repository of in-depth stock ideas and global talent’. 


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  1. FinMason


Cloud-based technology has truly unfolded the actual potential of AI. Even when it comes to this wealthtech player, cloud-based technology has helped it to accelerate wealth technology in terms of reach and range. 


A customizable, cloud-based, and cost-effective platform for wealth technology, FinMason supports asset management backed by AI and related artificial intelligence algorithms


Not only does technology-backed asset management and investment analytics make FinMason a leading wealthtech, but these solutions also accelerate investment-related solutions and ideas among the customers. 


Using the company’s API, users can access humongous amounts of market data prevalent in the realm of fintech innovation. 


  1. Fisdom


With an objective of propagating financial literacy among the masses, Fisdom is a wealthtech player that currently has its hands on over 120 cities in the country. Based in India, the company is presently operating among a network of over 300 wealth managers empowered by the efficient operations of wealthtech. 


By offering various investment opportunities like mutual funds, insurance policies, and pension schemes, the company has collaborated with artificial intelligence to draw unique solutions for unique financial problems. 


“Fisdom is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly and intuitive platform for all your mutual fund investments. It is easy to use and comes loaded with features and tools that help you to plan and make better investment decisions without any hassles.”How Fisdom is leading the Wealthtech sector 


  1. Bambu


One of the most renowned wealth management technology platforms, Bambu aspires to build effective solutions for financial institutions serving customers with finance-related opportunities. Based in Singapore, Bambu is a robo-advisor fintech firm that provides B2B services for asset management and wealth investment. 


Unlike the traditional protocols that required middlemen to break deals in the finance sector, the wealthtech sector has introduced the concept of robo-advisors that are acting as the linchpins between 2 businesses looking for investment opportunities. 


Another feature that the company offers is an intelligent advisor tool that makes decisions based on the patterns procured from past data records. 


Not only does this ensure an in-depth knowledge of what needs to be done, but it also accelerates the wealth opportunities that investors are looking forward to!


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  1. Doxim


Committed to hassle-free customer service, Doxim is a wealthtech company that has a promising performance in the current market scenario. 


With products like self-service accounts and loan origination, Doxim intends to empower its customers with the help of technological tools associated with wealth management strategies. 


What's more, this wealthtech player aims to upscale customer service in the finance sector. A leading innovator of financial and regulated investment opportunities, Doxim has paved its way in the wealthtech sector. 


“With Doxim, clients can communicate reliably and effectively, improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive increased loyalty and wallet share through personalized omnichannel communications.”Financial Services at Doxim  


  1. YieldStreet


An alternative investments platform, YieldStreet is another budding name when it comes to leading wealthtech companies in 2021. 


For a long time, the world has only imagined performing cashless transactions, investing money in online platforms, and exploring financial opportunities with the help of the internet. 


However, the 21st century has made it all possible. A pioneer in the realm of wealth management technology, YieldStreet has enhanced the way investors unfold the true potential of the market. 


A digital platform with multiple varieties of asset classes, YieldStreet has successfully managed to open up investment opportunities for the masses via online modes.  


  1. InvestSuite


A B2B, low-cost, and customizable wealthtech service provider, InvestSuite beholds an array of digital investment solutions for a customer base ranging from banks to individual investors. 


A rapidly growing fintech company, InvestSuite is progressing with a wide customer base that is benefitting from its investment solutions spread across the world. 


Powered by striking features like robo advisor, self-investor, and portfolio optimizer, the company has effectively collaborated with the artificial intelligence technology that have accelerated the demand of more and more wealthtech players in the contemporary market environment. 


Enhanced by data privacy and cloud network computing techniques, the company has attracted a wide customer base in recent times. 


  1. Practifi


A business management platform for business advisors, Practifi is a wealthtech firm with budding businesses all around the world. By offering financial advice to its customers, Practifi offers its clients the chance to analyze their financial investments and take quality decisions for future purposes. 


A leading player in the fintech realm, this company has enhanced the way companies take their financial decisions and has rather accelerated the process of financial success among banks, investment firms, and wealth managers. 


Listed among the leading 100 Wealthtech Companies in the world, Practifi is surely acing the skill of combining technology with wealth management! 


  1. Seismic


Last of all, Seismic is yet another wealthtech firm listed among the leading 100 Wealthtech Companies in the world. 


A wealth management company that has kickstarted its operations with the help of technology, Seismic offers various services like banking, asset management, wealth management, and insurance . 


Leading its way unlike traditional wealth management companies, Seismic has combined financial services with technological advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. 


Empowered by machine learning tools like data analytics, predictive roadmaps, and digital customer experience, Seismic has led the world of wealthtech to greater heights. 


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Future of Wealthtech 


To sum up, wealthtech is an evolving arena wherein financial services intersect with technological developments to give way to a better customer experience, deeper financial insights, and quality wealth management. 


Even though these above-mentioned wealth management technology companies are the leading forces in the field, there are many more such budding firms that have made their mark in the fintech industry. 


Nevertheless, this industry is opening millions of opportunities for people around the world and has brought technology and mankind one step closer to each other. 

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