Amazon introduces digital storefronts

Jun 30, 2020 | Mallika Rangaiah

Amazon introduces digital storefronts title banner

Creating yet another mark upon the retail market of the Indian nation, Amazon has introduced one more program in India termed "Smart Stores" that will revolutionize brick and mortar shops to digital storefronts via QR codes. 


As reported by TNW, the main concept is that you can filter a QR code attached in front of the store, peruse through their catalog on the Amazon application, and put in a request without entering the shop. This allows the users to keep up social separating till Covid-19 is near. 


This is a helpful component in a post-pandemic India too, where plenty of shops are packed on a bustling day, and the storekeeper is too busy to attend to all the consumers. 


The company has added that over 10K stores, ranging from mom and pop stores to large retail chains, that include Big Bazaar, MedPlus, and More Supermarkets, have adopted this system of the company.


Smart Stores is controlled by Amazon Pay and it permits clients to pay through credit card or debit card, UPI, or transform their request into EMI. 


As stated by Mahendra Nerurkar, Amazon Pay’s CEO, while Amazon Pay is currently acknowledged at a great many local stores, they are attempting to make clients' purchasing involvement with neighborhood shops much increasingly safer and more flawless through Smart Stores. Further, through EMIs, bank offers, and rewards, the company aims to make these purchases progressively moderate and remunerating for clients and help enhance deals for shippers. 


Amazon says that Smart Stores will assist shippers with changing over their shop into an advanced storefront, so individuals can peruse their items from anyplace. The organization states that thousands of brick and mortar stores have just joined with for the Smart Stores program.

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