Increasing the traffic on social media networks via Virtual Assistants

Apr 15, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Increasing the traffic on social media networks via Virtual Assistants title banner

Effective social media presence is an inherent part to maximize the customer base in the modern era now as everything is just a click away it becomes important to delegate the task of building a user friendly linkedin profile to someone important.


While your roadmap towards increasing your customer base might be different from a digital media expert.Your very own Virtual Assistant (such as Chatbots) can help in the rescue.


A user friendly LinkedIn profile can play a crucial role for increasing the customer base.But its so chaotic to reply to every individual asking about the product price and its specifications.


Virtual Assistant 


This Virtual Assistant can be the right solution. VA’s  perform the basic tasks of scheduling appointments,replying to phone calls and emails they can even assist in Marketing. 


They can manage the calendar events,maintain a pending list of clients ,transcribe voicemails and even make sure the right hotel stay for your business trip.


Remote working has led to substantial rise in the demand for Virtual Assistants.

A lot of small and medium sized businesses are investing in VA’s as they are helping them to save time.


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The VA’s are not only trained to perform basic administrative purposes they even work as a digital marketer.By replying to customer queries on time the VA’s ensure that enquirer is converted into a lead.


It will allow the businesses to spend major time on more relevant marketing strategies.VA’s can help in both linkedin and instagram marketing.


In an interview with Entrepreneur Robert Nickell the founder of a virtual assistant agency revealed that there are so many pieces of knowledge that it’s practically impossible for the business owner to remember all of them.


The VA’s are an expert in their job when given a set plan they can perform in accordance to it .


Nickell’s company Rocket Station is majorly targeting LinkedIn as it's the most crucial platform for small businesses to communicate both with prospective customers and other companies.


According to recent data VA’s are in major demand in the US as businesses are moving online the demand for VA’s are substantially increasing. The average salary of VA’S in the US is $4,000 ; they also get various perks such as medical insurance and paid leaves.


The most important part of marketing is answering the customer queries,resolving their product based problems and pitching them for a new product.VA’s can do it all.

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