National Robotarium: The UK government will focus on solidifying technology through research centre

May 27, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

National Robotarium: The UK government will focus on solidifying technology through research centre title banner

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT) is paving the way for technological developments. Researchers are developing AI and ML algorithms that can use unsupervised learning, and can arrange data. 


Driverless taxi, robo dogs AI is providing assistance to humans in every sphere of life. Financial sector and the Healthcare Industry is leveraging the power of AI, as a key to improvise their services.


The tech sector in the UK is advancing 2.6 times faster, as compared to other nations. The digi tech sector in the UK is worth $184 billion. The UK's AI sector is backed up by its universities and researchers. As tech is evolving the country is focusing more on Artificial Intelligence.


The UK government has begun the construction of the National Robotarium, which will be worth 22.4 million(pound sterling). 


The robotarium will be used for advanced technological research. It will be constructed in Scotland. The building will be 40,000 feet square. Main research areas will be Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), Human and Robotics Interaction (HRI), and high precision manufacturing.


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This robotarium will have laser labs, autonomous systems laboratory, and a living lab that will allow researchers to test robots in a home based setting. 


The robotarium will be equipped with solar panels. The  building is thus designed to serve the modern day needs through technology. 


The National Robotarium (official page of the facility) also tweeted the pictures that depicted the beginning of the construction process in Scotland. 


Research Projects


  • SPRING, will develop the world's first multi user conversational robot for healthcare. It will provide assistance to elderly people.

  • The assisted living lab will use AI, to research in the field of robotics and conversational assistant

  • The main focus of the research project will be on developing wireless technologies.

  • EPSRC ORCA will use advancing technologies to develop robots that can replace humans, from hazardous work environments especially in chemical factories and mining.


According to IoT news , UK government’s minister for Scotland Iain Stewart said, “The creation of the UK’s first National Robotarium in Edinburgh will place Scotland at the forefront of a technological revolution that is changing the way we work.”


“This exciting new facility, supported by £21 million from the UK Government, will create opportunities for Scotland’s entrepreneurs and innovators, and bring jobs and prosperity to the entire region.” 

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