This new update from Samsung can convert old samsung phones into IoT devices

Apr 22, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

This new update from Samsung can convert old samsung phones into IoT devices title banner

In an attempt to upcycle and put the previous models of Samsung devices to better use ,Samsung launched its Galaxy Upcycling Programme on 12th January 2021.The programme can be termed as an environment friendly approach to instill a new life in old Samsung gadgets.


It is a whole new way to reuse the  samsung devices that are lying discarded in the cupboard or old drawers.In an attempt to strengthen its galaxy upcycling programme on 21st April 2021 Samsung launched a new software update that will enable consumers to convert their galaxy smartphones into Internet of Things(IoT)devices.


Internet of Things(IoT)


IoT is a system of interrelated devices connected to the Internet..It enables to transfer and receive data from one device to another.With IoT all the devices that are connected to the Internet can be managed remotely.


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IoT is giving a new way to human life.With the system of interlinked devices there are hardly chances of human error to prevail.In an IoT system general devices are connected to sensing devices via gateways.Effective communication between devices are performed in the cloud.Interfaces such as wifi are used to provide connectivity to an IoT enabled smart system.


Types of IoT devices


IoT devices can be classified into General devices and Sensing devices.


General devices:General devices are the main components of a data hub.They are connected by wired or wireless interfaces.An alarm clock,air conditioner,coffee machine are examples of general devices.


Sensing devices:Sensing devices or sensors convert external information,(signals)from one source of energy to the electrical domain.Temperature sensors,proximity sensors,humidity sensors are examples of sensing devices. 


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According to Et times,this feature will be available for Galaxy S,Note and Z smartphones that were released after 2019 and that use Android9 and above.


Older gadgets from Samsung could be used as light sensors they will measure the lights of the room to automatically adjust the brightness.This feature will only be available in South Korea,UK and US.


Consumers need to put SmartThings lab features to use from SmartThings application to customize the old samsung devices in accordance to their new needs.


The devices can be converted into a childcare monitor,petcare solution or even a light sensor.

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