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10 Best AI Driven Platforms

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Nov 25, 2021
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The technological ecosystem is full of data and AI platform companies that promise great capabilities and increased quality of business performance. However, with great competition comes greater responsibility to prove one's skills and build a reputation in the market. 


In this blog, we will be reading about the top 10 AI platforms that have gone out of their ways to outsource extensive services for business management and advancement in the long run. 


Leading AI platforms


  1. Google AI


Launched in 2017, the Google AI platform is a division of Google in dedication to artificial intelligence. 


A cloud platform, Google AI enables its users to employ machine learning algorithms and AI tools and techniques for seeking solutions for technological problems. 


The platform provides a rich dataset collection for its users to train their algorithms in the best possible way. One of the top AI-driven platforms, the Google cloud AI platform is here to stay. 


A branch of Google, this cloud platform offers a variety of features in an easy-to-use interface. The biggest advantages of this platform are its scalability, hassle-free interface, and innovative solutions.


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  1. Wipro Holmes


An ally for users indulging in artificial intelligence technology, Wipro Holmes is another AI platform in the market. With customizable solutions for every problem related to AI, this platform is one of the biggest AI platforms in the contemporary scenario. 


Transforming the AI operations in the field of business management, this AI-led platform has accelerated growth by building a supportive environment for development. 


A one-stop platform for automation and AI-empowered solutions, Wipro Holmes was founded in 1985 by Ramprasad K.R., the chief AI technologist at Wipro. 


Simply put, Wipro Holmes features a cognitive computing system for managing AI operations across the business atmosphere. 



  1. Dialogflow


A natural language platform, Dialogflow by Google is another AI platform that can be used through the means of a mobile application or a website interface. 


By training ML models with extensive datasets, Dialogflow enables website developers and software engineers to add AI features in a conversational layout for better reach and effective performance in the long run. 


The trial period of Dialogflow is for free, however, some of its features might only be available in the premium version. This platform is available in two versions - Dialogflow CX (advanced version) and Dialogflow ES (standard version). 



  1. Vital A.I


By creating data-driven applications in the realm of artificial intelligence, Vital A.I. software has upscaled its features over time. 


By becoming one of the best AI platforms in the field, Vital A.I. comes with a series of features - data configuration, data model development, and an interactive user interface. 


This application comes with its exclusive Vital AI Development Kit (VDK) that enhances AI development in various industries. With tried and tested applications, VDK is a useful kit for the users, both experienced and beginners, to deploy effective algorithms for better results. 


In the end, this platform offers a low-level core data model for versatile data processing systems to be accommodated. 



  1. Microsoft Azure


Thanks to Microsoft Azure, users can now employ innovative solutions for mundane technological hurdles in day-to-day data management operations. 


With various benefits like task-specific AI protocols, data security, and in-built business compatibility, the Microsoft AI platform comes in handy and hassle-free. 


Launched in February 2010, this AI platform comes with reliable storage capabilities that support data models in the long run. 


Popular for its data science management, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a reliable, scalable, and ever-evolving tool. The AI infrastructure is equipped with the latest technologies to support data modeling. 


"Microsoft AI is a robust framework for developing AI solutions in conversational AI, machine learning, data sciences, robotics, IoT, and more." Microsoft AI platform 



  1. IBM Watson


One might wonder what difference does IBM Watson, an AI platform, makes in a  competitive scenario where there are so many platforms. 


The answer lies in its pocket-friendly interface that supports business management tools equipped with AI and related technologies. 


With over 70% of the banking institution relying on this AI platform, one can very well understand the significance and unique capabilities of this platform among the rest. 


By understanding the true infrastructure of business management and development, Watson uses its AI-led skills to yield productivity and enhance business analytics processes in the long run. 


It cuts the cost for hiring manual labour, and instead focuses on providing better insights into business development. 



  1. TensorFlow


A branch of the Google Cloud Platform, TensorFlow is known for its multi-worker training. By integrating many capabilities into one platform empowered by AI, TensorFlow is especially known for its deep learning applications in business management. 


With a strong ecosystem, this AI platform comes with many benefits - scalable features, graphical assistance, and an effective interface for tracking dataset training. 


Created by the Google Brain Team, TensorFlow is an open-source AI library for large-scale ML model development. One of the biggest advantages of this AI platform is that it is easy to use by both experienced professionals and beginners. 



  1. Infosys Nia


An enterprise AI graded platform, Nia by Infosys AI is the next AI platform in the list of top AI platforms 2021. 


Thanks to its extensive data collection, Infosys Nia is a leading AI platform when it comes to outsourcing advanced technologies to other businesses. 


By combining Big Data Analytics and ML, Infosys Nia offers a wide range of capabilities to AI users. Created with an aim to induce cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency in AI operations, Infosys Nia is capable of predicting anomalies in datasets, collecting huge lumps of data for training, and whatnot.


 In simple terms, this advanced AI platform by Infosys can integrate internal and external data sources for effective data modeling. 



  1. Amazon Web Services


AI with Amazon Web Services has never been easier. An AI interface by Amazon, this leading platform offers a comprehensive set of services in AI and machine learning technology. 


With over 100,000 customers availing of its services across the globe, AWS provided tailor-made services for business management and advancement. 


If you are seeking a high-speed AI platform with added capabilities of reliable and scalable benefits, then AWS is the one for you. A leading competitor in this field, Amazon Web Services  is an ever-evolving stage for hiring AI-related services at your doorstep. 


"Kick off your proof of concept with AWS experts, work with 80+ competency partners, and upskill your teams with trainings and hands-on tutorials."  AWS Machine Learning 



  1. Lumiata


A healthcare AI system founded in 2013, Lumiata AI is committed to refining the AI infrastructure in the healthcare industry. 


With the advanced power of predictive analytics in the healthcare sector, Lumiata collaborates with the Google Cloud platform to offer an effective performance. 


Some of its features include healthcare data management, Lifecycle Management by ML, and Healthcare Data Analytics for enriching the role of AI in healthcare


This application provides Lumiata packages for businesses to hire AI-specific services for advanced performance. No doubt, this platform is in great demand for its high-end data processing and other capabilities related to the healthcare industry. 


Future of AI 


Considering the extent to which the above-mentioned AI platforms are outsourcing their capabilities for AI improvement, the future of AI seems bright and bold. 


Nevertheless, the path of AI advancement is a long one as more and more activities become integrated with this technology. One should not only explore various AI platforms present out there, but also extract the best of both worlds using enhanced capabilities of the best AI tools. 


Needless to mention, the future of AI is in good hands with more reputed and versatile companies entering the field. All in all, learning about the best AI platforms will only make virtual life easier for those who seek to learn something new, build something novel. 


With many such platforms still emerging, one should not be restricted to a set of AI platforms. But, being open to anything and everything in this field is the best way to explore newer tools for better performance. 


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Ending Notes 


In the end, there are multiple benefits that AI platforms like Microsoft Azure and Lumiata AI can offer to the masses. 


However, it is essential for the users to streamline their demands, filter the best options, and get started with data modeling and other AI-related applications to give way to faster, better, and broader AI uses in the long run. 


Current developments in AI operations only recommend a major surge in its reliability as many businesses have become automated in recent times.


At last, AI platforms must be welcomed with open arms in business management for accelerating growth and gaining technological momentum. 

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