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10 Top Uses of AI at Home

  • Pragya Soni
  • Apr 10, 2022
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“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence.”


Artificial intelligence or AI is defined as embedding the brain to IoT devices. It enables machines to think like human.in simple language, AI is the ability of computers or computer-controlled devices to think and work like humans. 


Thus, it enables machines to do the tasks that are usually done by humans. Ai is still at its beginning stage and scientists, developers and researchers are working to enhance the sector.


AI is the technology that helps machines to think like humans. It not only makes the present of humans easier but also enriches the future capability. In this blog we will understand the uses of AI at our homes.


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10 Applications of AI at Home

10 uses of AI at home :  1) Protect your phone privacy  2) Google search  3) Smart assistant  4) Smart home services  5) AI cleaners  6) Smart kitchen appliances  7) Online payments  8) Bathroom appliances  9) Quick replies for you  10) Anti-theft system

10 applications of AI at home

There is no second doubt in this, that AI is easing the lifestyle and tasks for everyone. It helps in conserving time, energy, and resources. Our lives have already been influenced by AI so much. 


From purchasing products online and surfing the internet to scrolling social media and making bills, everything more or less is a venture of AI. Listening to our favorite songs and watching our lead movies, every little thing around us is impacted by AI.


The applications and uses of AI can never be limited to a particular number. Everything we see around us is a blessing of AI and machine learning. But the major 10 applications of AI and its technologies at home are listed below:


  1. Protect your Phone Privacy


We are living in the era of smartphones and the internet. The more efficient they make our lives, the more risk they cause for privacy and security. 


Almost each handset cell carries the information of important data like driving license, identity cards and most importantly, bank details. Just imagine the loss you will have to face in case you lost your smart phone access.


But thanks to AI , things are in a better place. Artificial intelligence has fed IoT devices with personal and biological privacy, this doesn’t allow any other individual or fraud to reach your phone. 


Biometrics such as face lock and fingerprint security are the examples. First the IoT devices fed biometric data, and then every time when you try to unlock it, it applies machine learning and algorithms to match the data. Unless the data is matched, the phone doesn’t unlock, ensuring safety of the device.


  1. Google Search


Most of us can’t even go a single day without google search, right. Our day starts with checking the weather today and ends by scrolling the internet for the coming day's plans. It is not about google only; no search engine can work without AI. 


AI helps the search engine to deliver what you are searching for. And not only searches, artificial intelligence helps the search engines to create personalized ads for you.


This might help you to understand why your phone is flooded with the ads related to your last search. IoT devices and the internet are enabled with AI. AI algorithms read your search history and personalize the content for you. 


This enriches the overall search experiences for you. So, without artificial intelligence it is not possible for you to search your favorite hotels, to read the review before ordering a product, or to search the way while driving.


  1. Smart Home Services


The other advent of AI for home benefits is smart home services. Like we all remember, a decade back we used to press more than 100 buttons of a TV remote to search for our favorite channel, but nowadays AI has given birth to smart TVs that can be directed and controlled by your smartphone. 


AI also helps to adjust the cooling and heating temperature of your room. It helps in personalizing the things around us. Recently, there have been smart refrigerators in the market. These refrigerators try to trace your needs for grocery and give you recommendations of wine that suits your dinner. 


These refrigerators also send you notification about the things that are no longer in your refrigerator. Just imagine how easy life would be, you getting your grocery requirements while working in the office, taking it home while returning back home. Saves time as well as resources. 


  1. Smart Assistants


Here comes another aspect of AI, smart assistants. Smart assistants are defined as the devices that are loaded with software and help you to access information, control other devices and perform tasks. 


These AI based smart assistants use voice commands to deliver the tasks. Examples of a few such smart assistants are Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. Out of which, Alexa is the most popular.


The AI-powered personal assistants input your voice commands, later it translates them into actions. The whole process is entirely based on machine learning. 


Machine learning can do all the tasks from you from calling your friend to setting up an alarm for you. It can also sing a song according to your mood and help you to search for your favorite. There is no doubt that the role of AI will grow day by day in the coming time.


  1. AI Cleaners


Talking about home, we can’t skip cleaning and mopping. When we talk about a good and hygienic house, all we take into consideration is cleaning and maintaining it. There were days when people used to spend more than half of the day cleaning and grooming. But that’s a heavy task, isn't it? Yeah, you can hire a maid for the purpose, but considering risk and privacy terms in mind, that sounds different.


Here again, AI comes to rescue. AI personalized vacuum cleaners are in the market replacing and upgrading your maids and home servants. One such major example is the Roomba vacuum cleaner. 


It uses AI and machine learning algorithms to scan the size of the room. It also helps in identifying hurdles and obstacles in the room and thus, determines the best route to clean and sweep the space.


  1. Other Smart Appliances


The world can be a limitation, but AI can never be a limitation. It is evolving in almost every application and appliance. Talking about grooming applications like straighteners and rollers. 


The AI algorithms help in detecting the overheating of such appliances, as soon as the sensor detects an abnormal heat temperature, it commands to cut the circuit. The automatic cut helps in preventing mis-happenings and accidents.


The same principle applies to different kitchen appliances like coffee machines, ovens, toasters, sandwich makers, etc. Automation is the new king of the kitchen. And, not preventing accidents, AI personalized devices make the task easier for everyone. Someone with poor kitchen skills can also cook and warm his food with such appliances.


  1. Bathroom Appliances


Doesn’t it take much time to search for the perfect water temperature for a bath on winter days? But the AI automated geyser prepares the best water temperature according to your climate. It is fed with AI algorithms and the internet. 


The internet helps to fetch data regarding the weather and humidity, later algorithms work to decide the perfect water heating temperature as per the requirements. You can also customize the need, and connect the appliance with your smart phones. Auto cut takes away all the worries and doubts even if you have forgotten to switch off the appliance.


Automatic washing machines are another add on the list. Automatic washing machine adjusts itself as per the machine load. Once you put clothes in, just forget and carry your chores. The automation will help you to clean, rinse and dry the clothes for you. 


Even in a few countries like Japan, there are automatic iron also. Such technologies not only ease lifestyle, but also conserve resources. For instance, the self-adjusting washing machines utilize water as per the load.


  1. Online Payments


For maintaining a nice home, it is essential to maintain and pay bills on time. A house is associated with several bills and payments. For instance, gas bills, electricity bills, water bills, land taxes, and much more. The Internet and AI help in paying bills online. 


Preventing your home from municipal charges and restrictions as well as reducing your traveling time. You can simply transfer money from anywhere to anywhere by sitting at your home. This technology has been a savior especially during pandemic days. 


AI safely transfers money from one bank to another. The algorithm scans the account number and details match it with the privacy keys. Thus, executing a hassle-free transaction. 


Though, sometimes online transactions can be prone to fraud and cybercrimes. But if set with proper authentication and security keys, the limitations can be overcome. Nowadays, several banks are also providing mobile check deposit services to their customers. 


  1. Anti-Theft System


The days when we used to pull the lock to check its strength after locking are gone. Current time is modernized enough to consider real-time data and data analysis for every little to big function. 


AI has applied an anti-theft system in houses. Developed countries like the USA and UK are already using it. Smart cities and Smart houses together are changing the living standards for everyone. Few of the features of smart homes are given below.


Anti-theft systems help in activating smart locks in buildings. The smart locks worked on biometric data and aren’t easy to fool. They match the real-time data with records, and if it is mismatched, immediately alert the owners by pinging him a text. 


The 24-hour CCTV surveillance also ensures security and safety of the houses. And, most importantly, the cameras and the data can be directly connected to your smart phones. Thus, you can access the data anywhere that too, anytime.


  1. Quick Replies for You


Do you have a small get together or big family event at your home, and are worried about invitations? No one is assisting you to write names on the cards, worry less, AI is forever a helper. The AI and algorithm can help you with the quick replies. This would also help your guests to solve the query related to venue, time and anything related. 


You can simply forward messages to the whole group at one click rather than chatting with each of them. If you want to invite them, you can take the assistance from smart assistants. By using your voice commands, you can ask Alexa or Siri to make a call for you. How clean it sounds to do your invitation tasks while setting up the dine. Isn't it?


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By easing the tasks and reducing the human efforts, AI is helping humans to be more productive, enriched, and live a better life. And, by the coming age, this tree is expected to grow more versatile and greener. We could expect an era with more smart appliances and household robots serving worldwide.

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