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6 Types of Cold Email Marketing

  • Harina Rastogi
  • Feb 14, 2022
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“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman


As the name suggests cold email marketing is about communication with potential clients using emails as the main source. In order to make it successful it is important to receive a reply from the client. Therefore, a perfect cold email strategy would be to get a response from the prospective client. 


Usually the sales department uses cold email strategy in order to build a healthy relationship with the suppliers and customers. But there are a number of reasons why companies should use this strategy in different departments. 


Cold email marketing is one of the most underused marketing techniques to establish connections. But in reality people are not fully aware of this activity. In this blog you will learn about this technique, its type and how to design a perfect cold email for communication.


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What is Cold email Marketing?


Cold emails are just like regular emails but the way they are designed is a little different. The ultimate aim is to get a suitable response from the receiver. There are many companies that use cold email marketing strategies to develop relationships successfully. They have thrived by such strategies. 


Shane Show is a very famous bestselling author who conducted an experiment on cold email marketing. He sent cold emails to 1000 business executives to capture their response. These business executives included VP’s of some of the fortune companies, C level executives, and he waited for them to respond. 


Fortune companies include-  Apple, Google, Amazon etc. All these people are so busy that it was a great experiment for Shane to understand what made people respond and who does not respond. 


Sending a simple email to such people would be a waste of time as they won’t respond. Therefore, he used different variables to understand people. He used different subject lines, played with the length of emails, asked for favors, included salutations at the end. Let us see the results of Shane’s experiment. The observations were:


  • Around 295 emails bounced.

  • Only 45% of the remaining people opened the emails.

  • Less than 2% of people replied to the emails.


We can see that even though the opening rate was high, the response rate was very low. It is because of the fact that C level executives don’t have time to reply. Different people have shown different rates of email response and opening. Therefore, proper metrics have to be used to understand the target market to whom the outreach must be done.


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Different Types of Cold email in Marketing


“Quality over quantity—Emails may be cost efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.” – Benjamin Murray


There are different reasons for using cold emails in business. Given below are the types of cold emails used in marketing.

The image is titled -  "Types of cold email in marketing" and has the following points : Media Pitch emailBrand Pitch emailLink building emailContent promotion emailNetworking emailSales email

Types of cold email in marketing


  1. Media Pitch Email


Media pitching means giving information about your product or service to journalists, bloggers or influencers. Media pitch is done to attract attention towards the brand in order to attract more people. 


When emails are used for media pitching it is easy for such emails to get lost in the crowd. Because either they are of no value or too many emails are sent. To make an impression companies can use the following tips while writing the cold emails:


  • Give a reason why you want to be published.

  • Show honesty and a clear goal

  • Don’t make it look like a spam email


  1. Brand Pitch Email


If companies want to collaborate with a brand they use brand pitching emails to communicate. One has to be very careful while designing a subject line and the body of the cold email. 


You need to cut to the chase and bring the attention of the prospective client to your email. You must show them how it will give benefits and increase their sales. The language should be respectful and attention seeking.


  1. Link Building Email


Most SEO and related professionals use this type of cold emails. It is used for inbound links. When you use cold emails for link building then you need to be careful about sending it to the right clients. 


Opening lines are very important and you cannot make it sound like a spam email. All the details that you mention should be relevant to the links. If you get it right then you have a very high chance of finding inbound links.


  1. Networking Email


In the case of networking email all sorts of cold email marketing strategies will work. In fact, after cold email marketing, networking is one of the by-products. There are multiple templates that can be used for networking emails.


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  1. Sales Email


In sales, cold email marketing can turn aggressive easily. Sometimes companies take personal information of the clients like their phone numbers, social media information. They contact the customers through emails and phone calls. 


It gives rise to a new concept called cold calling. In fact, many companies use cold calling to increase their sales. While designing a cold email companies have to keep in mind that their aim is to give product information and maintain a customer relationship with them. 


  1. Content Promotion Email


Using cold emails for promoting the content is a very good idea. To increase the visibility and traffic on your content, promotions must be done. This tactic of using cold emails can be very successful if you do it right. 


The language should be polite as you are asking for something. Don’t sound intrusive. Make sure that you do proper study before sending the promotional cold email.


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Now you know different ways in which cold emails are used in marketing. You can design your marketing campaign and write a successful cold email making use of multiple templates.

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