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8 Top Companies Leading the Metaverse Technology

  • Vanshika Kaushik
  • Dec 06, 2021
8 Top Companies Leading the Metaverse Technology title banner

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the world has gone crazy over the metaverse drive. Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have already taken over a lot of space in our real lives. Though all these are technologies of the “virtual world” but are now dominating our real life choices.


You might be curious to know about the tech companies that are diving into the “metaverse”, but first let’s understand the meaning of metaverse. We are describing here NFTs And The Metaverse that would clear all doubts and confusions about both of the terms used.


What is Metaverse Technology?


Metaverse is a virtual world where you can connect with people via your digital avatars. That means this technology creates a virtual world that is similar to the real one. In metaverse created “virtual worlds” people can connect with each other via digital avatars.


A digital avatar is a close replica of a real human being. People can create their digital avatars in virtual reality. This technology will enable you to sit with your colleagues and chat over coffee, attend virtual concerts to dance your way around worries and will enable you to stay in a virtual world that feels real.


Metaverse Technology is closely related to virtual reality gaming. Just like Minecraft, metaverse enables people to build virtual worlds from scratch. We can build our very own customized coffee shops, homes, can even purchase virtual lands and fly away to a magical world in the metaverse. 


Dream for it and in the next go it's just there in front of you. Metaverse is a technology of the future though companies are betting big on this technology in the present. From virtual reality gaming to virtual reality dating now everything is just a click away in the “meta world”. 


Here’s a list of Top 8 Companies that are betting big on the metaverse technology:- 


Popular Companies that are building the future of Metaverse 



1. Roblox :-


Roblox is an American Gaming company that was founded in 2004. Roblox the American Gaming platform and game creation company is focusing on building metaverse worlds. 


Roblox features a long list of games like Meepcity and Bloxburg that enable players to build virtual homes and perform basic surviving tasks like finding a job and seeking adventure in the virtual world. 


Roblox is focusing on building a metaverse platform where people can do a lot more than just gaming, in the meta world people can try new clothes on their digital avatars, build homes, chat with their friends and can even do adventures. 


Roblox's main aim is to create a social platform where people can socialize. The 3D virtual experiences that Roblox is aiming to offer will be close to a real experience. Roblox has recently released its new feature called “spatial voice chat” . The spatial voice chat will enable people to voice chat (the way people do in real life). 


As per Roblox the conversations over the voice feature will be similar to real life conversations and this feature is Roblox’s first step in the big world of metaverse. It also launched the “metaverse layered clothing” where people can try multiple layers of clothes on their digital avatars. 


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  1. Epic Games:- 


Epic Games is an American video game and software developer company that was founded in 1991. The company offers some amazing games like Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal. Fortnite and Unreal Engine 4 are some survival games for the adventure junkies. 


The company is also leading the race of metaverse. It is focusing on building a metaverse platform where people can talk to each other, talk to brands and can even stay in the virtual world for more. 


The metaverse platform will be the one stop destination to connect with digital humans. The idea of meeting people virtually but having a real life experience is what Epic Games is currently envisioning. 


It will be more than just digital. The Epic Space will be a place where people will socialize over conversations and not emoticons. The virtual gaming experience, shopping experience and a virtual dining experience will make this platform more exciting. 


Epic Games has recently released “Digital Humans” (metahuman creator) to highlight its metaverse ambitions. 


The metahuman creator tool will enable people to create photorealistic and animated humans that can play games. The animated humans will be fighting off battles in the virtual world. 



  1. Nike:-


Nike is an American MNC that is building the future of footwear and apparels. Founded on 26 January 1964, it is now the multiservice brand that provides footwear, apparels, equipment and services. It is famous for its footwear range (both casual and sports). 


The top footwear brand is experimenting with the metaverse technology in collaboration with Roblox. It has built its virtual world “Nikeland” on Roblox, Nikeland is a free space to explore games. Players will get a chance to try new sports shoes and run marathons in Nikeland.


Nikeland is an immersive world by Nike. The Nike virtual world will also have some digital avatars and people who will win the competitions in the Nike world will get rewarded with “blue bands.” 


Nike is set to mimic the real life experience in the virtual reality world. Players will also get a chance to wear digital Nike digs.


It has also launched exclusive virtual products to enhance the virtual “Nikeland experience”. Several mini games, and reward based games are launched in the “Nike world”.


With an immersive gaming plus shopping experience the Nike meta world can be thought of as an overall “multi experience” with virtual gaming and shopping.


Watch this video to catch a glimpse of Nikeland.


  1. Tencent:- 


Tencent is a Chinese multinational company that provides digital  products and services for improving people’s way of living. It was founded in 1998. Presently Tencent is providing e-commerce, m- commerce, internet and payment services. 


The multiservice provider is focusing on the metaverse via its game development company TiMi Studio Group. With some top companies under its portfolio Tencent will focus on the metaverse strategy precisely via its game development wing “Tencent Games”.


Tencent Games will give direct competition to Roblox and Epic Games. Presently Tencent is optimistic about the metaverse technology. It will build a network for gaming, social networking, search marketing and open collaboration. 


With this, people will get a chance to collaborate with other brands on the “multiverse platform”; play, chat and chill virtually is what Tencent is aiming for. It is all geared up to give direct competition to meta. 


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  1. Tinder:- 


Tinder is an online dating application that was founded in 2012. Tinder connects the “like minded individuals” via “a right swipe” on its application. With time Tinder has evolved into an application to meet “friends” and “potential partners”. 


With companies from different domains jumping in the metaverse. Dating metaverse and meeting via “digital avatars” is something new that Tinder is building. It has already launched some new features like “Swipe Night” and “Explore”. 


Tinder will also launch tinder coins to explore its cryptocurrency ambitions. With the dating metaverse in the line, the virtual dating world via Tinder is sure to set some high standards. 


Dance along with your digital avatars and meet some friends, Tinder is letting Gen Z to experiment and play the virtual meeting game. 


At present Tinder is focusing on building the metaverse platform from scratch; with Tinder’s virtual economy setting the world can expect concepts like “space dating” and “metaverse dating” turning real. 


Tinder’s metaverse platform will be a space to meet real people via their “digital avatars”. 



  1. Magic Leap:


Magic Leap is an American startup company that provides wearable technologies (like virtual reality) that allow people to interact in digital environments. Founded in 2010, the company is building the future of technology through virtual reality.


Magic Verse is a newly coined concept by “Magic Leap”, Magicverse is a new system that will bridge the gap between virtual and real worlds. In the world of “magic verse” different things will combine. It will be a combination of IoT devices, spatial computing, and sensing.


With Magicverse people will be co-present digitally. Data will be transmitted via different platforms through the magic verse. It will break down the boundaries of nations and the digital environment will be free space to interact. 


It will be the future of living. It will have different virtual environments like countries, cities and escape zones. Screens, servers will provide the best virtual experience to people in “magicverse”. 


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  1. Gather:- 


Gather is a video chat platform. Gather is bridging the gap between individuals and is suggesting new ways to meet people for building a virtual community. 


It is building a metaverse platform for virtual offices, virtual conferences and virtual meetings. It is building a virtual layer over the physical layer of earth where people will get a chance to interact, socialize and have fun. The VR world will provide a taste of fun to the boring life. 


The distinctive factor in Gather’s VR platform is its ability to provide a virtual experience without VR headsets. Gather is presently building a metaverse world that can be accessed by everyone and will provide people an escape from their routine lives. ‘


To add a touch of creativity The Gather environments (VR environments) will have some pixel arts from some old Hollywood movies. Gather environments are also being used for hosting murder mystery games. The platform will later host multiple games in the VR environments. 



  1. Meta (Facebook):-


Facebook is a platform where people can interact with each other, build communities and socialize while sitting at homes. The social networking platform has broken down the barriers of countries and has enabled the world to interact with people who live in far off countries. 


Facebook has already changed its name to Meta, and is now experimenting with the metaverse technology. Meta’s ambitions are to transform the routine living from building 3D workrooms, virtual offices to building augmented reality headsets. 


It has some big plans for its metaverse ambitions, it is working on Horizon workrooms where people will get a chance to meet in the virtual workrooms. It is also making VR headsets and is experimenting with extended realities. 


Watch this video to know more about Facebook Horizon Rooms. 




“Technology” is ruling the industries of modern times. The modern tech world has already transformed every sphere of life. The idea of a metaverse world is intriguing; the concept of meeting virtually and interacting with them through VR headsets is slowly gaining popularity from VR games to VR workspaces. The metaverse technology will turn into a real concept soon.

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