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All about Holistic Marketing

  • Manisha Sahu
  • Jul 08, 2021
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To be holistic implies to be fully responsible for something in all respects.


For instance, when we say 'holistic living' it indicates a thorough and comprehensive awareness of the entire element of our lives and way of life.


This covers our bodily condition, mental and spiritual wellness, and does not limit the disease to finding out whether there is sickness and to healing it. It is taken as all the components of a being are interdependent and affect others in less or more ways to get overall health and to create and maintain a healthy and blissful state of our body, mind, and spirit.



What is Holistic Marketing?


Holistic Marketing has two primary definitions:


According to the Business Dictionary, holistic marketing is "a marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place in the broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers. It attempts to develop and maintain multiple perspectives on the company's commercial activities."


And According to Philip Kotler, an American marketing professor and consultant, on the other hand, defines holistic marketing as a concept that is  "based on the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes that 'everything matters' with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is necessary to attain the best solution."


Marketing is all about promoting and advertising products and services via a range of communication channels to reach and meet the target group.


The well-known Greek astrologer Aristotle once said, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

A company is always greater than the sum of its components like an electrical gear. Gadgets function well if all different parts work together in the same way.


The holistic marketing idea is a component of marketing concepts and may be called a marketing strategy that regards the complete business and not as a linked entity and that combines all the others to produce a positive and united business image in the eyes of its customers.


The holistic marketing idea focuses on the holistic philosophy with a better experience in order to satisfy the consumers. Ever effective marketers might once in their marketing lives utilize holistic marketing.


Holistic marketing is done by jointly designing and implementing marketing plans for stakes, clients, staff, suppliers, and the community.


Building an organization that takes care of each individual customer always begins with strong internal connections. In this way, every company will achieve higher performance.


Importance of holistic marketing


There are several reasons why holistic marketing is a requirement for your company


If a company successfully applies the entire notion of marketing, it contributes substantially to four extremely essential aspects:


1. Brand building


Brands and other intangible assets represent roughly 84% of the market value of the firm.


Furthermore, the approach of customers towards purchasing also changes.


Today, buyers focus more on the brand than on the goods. This shows that a larger attention must be placed on brand building.


The firm using this approach guarantees its customers are satisfied with and can talk good things about the company by delivering top-of-the-line service to the consumer.


They assist the company to grow its brand with their friends and through good feedback and comments online.


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2. Consistency


Since the aim of the holistic marketing idea is to ensure that the entire company and its components convey customers a consistent message, it helps to ensure the consistency of the business that is of great importance for you to remain on the market.


Customers don't really like changes, therefore consistency is all. Suppose you have a grocery store, for example. You only gain clients or start losing them, if your meal flavor remains the same. You must be constant thus.

The image shows a satisfied customer rating a service

Satisfied customer rating a service

3. Efficiency


The holistic marketing technique helps significantly enhance the efficiency of a company because all sections of it are on the same path, making communications between them easier and time-saving.


4. Effectiveness


Building a wonderful customer experience and branding are long-term objectives, so that the company may focus on a few excellent things instead of decades of tiny things, which enhances the strategy's efficiency.



Holistic Marketing Strategies


When a firm is focused mostly on brand strengthening, a holistic marketing approach is best taken.


The most frequent methods the organizations work together include:


Holistic Marketing Strategies

Website Intelligence: The creation of an interactive public information center is another big marketing concept for firms that are able to make the brand and its services popular with visitors.


Blogs: This marketing tool is extremely promising if effectively run and linked with the other marketing operations of the firm. A blog may keep consumers connected to the brand with the same area of interest.


Social Media: Because different social network platforms might be more open to the public, corporations try to acquire a lot of attention through this medium.


Email Marketing: An ancient yet powerful way to connect and transform individuals into consumers is via email. The firm may send users greetings, offers, and brand information.


Trade Shows and Conferences: B2B sales businesses find trade fairs extremely efficient to show themselves and their products or services to sellers. The conference is a superior technique for exchanging information or expertise amongst representatives, experts, and the public.


Paid Media:  The ads or recommendations that the searchers or public are funded. The firm pays to place the brand over an e-commerce platform or offline media for advertising space.


Integrated Analytics: The performance of the several marketing activities of the firm must be monitored and compared. Therefore the businesses are provided with several analytical tools to combine all these marketing operations.


Online Events: This is an effective strategy for the leading generation. The most economical and attractive technique of marketing the brand is via webinars. It focuses on the transmission of beneficial information or ideas to the public to incline them indirectly towards the brand.


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Components of holistic marketing


All actions and activities must be carefully planned in order to properly apply the holistic marketing idea, as they must aim for the same goal.

Another example here is Coca-Cola and its advertisements. They are all about happiness that is no coincidence, one of the most intense feelings.


But how can a company accomplish this?


This method consists of four components or kinds of marketing:


  • Relationship marketing

  • Integrated marketing

  • Internal marketing

  • Socially responsible marketing

  • Performance marketing


Relationship marketing


As the marketing strategy is an aspect that is present in every section of a company and marketing involves understanding your consumers, the company that uses this strategy must truly know its target audiences.


This covers what they enjoy, what they do not like, and what they desire, want, and need for them. A company can only create a relationship with them via the knowledge of its consumers and make it's brand a part of their lives.


The image stresses on relationship marketing      

Relationship Marketing

The significance of a good customer-business relationship


In business, a successful business-to-customer connection is all. It keeps consumers returning, which raises earnings and also enables them to advise others to build up the brand picture and strengthen the brand.


In this way, companies are able to ensure that they remain loyal to their consumers and pick them from the competitors.


If your existing clients adore you, they'll spread their business like a word-of-mouth fire. You don't have an ad campaign to advertise your company.


Relationship marketing ultimately benefits from the creation of a marketing network to assist build the backbone of four components. If you are true to them, the approach is still easy.


The focus of relationship marketing is not therefore on the sale of items; in reality, customer happiness and retention are all long-term aims as well as on creating client loyalty.


The way they are done is by using emotion cleverly in marketing.


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Integrated marketing


This marketing form is the second element in the holistic marketing idea and refers to the above-unified message sent by the enterprise to its clients.


This approach guarantees the cooperation of all marketing components of a firm, including departments and personnel dealing with paid media, earned media, and owned media.


In this integrated marketing element, organizations are promoting the brand on paid media, earned media, and owned media.


Paid Media: Paid media includes marketing for which you pay, such as advertisements, banners, pay-per-click, etc.


Earned media: as the name indicates, the media you earn includes items such as reviews and comments from your clients.


Own media: Own media, like social media and websites, contains your own media.


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Components of Holistic Marketing concept

Internal marketing


The staff is the ones that represent the brand before the customers. Single marketing thus focuses on recruiting and encouraging staff and at the same time sharing their corporate values and product know-how. 


In addition, the employees are brought into the vision and purpose of the company, as well as the relevance of their jobs. This worker awareness approach usually succeeds when it develops a sense of 'our organization'



Socially Responsible Marketing


The company's obligation is not restricted to its clients. It is also applicable to the organization's company.


Socially responsible marketing needs legislation, corporate ethics, society, and environmental protection to govern all marketing choices and actions. Even if these actions are economically beneficial, the Organization should avoid socially detrimental marketing efforts.


The marketing efforts must be responsible to society. The company can also engage in socially responsible marketing via social responsibility and philanthropy initiatives of corporate companies. Encouraging corporate social responsibility not only benefits the business's community but also serves to strengthen the brand of the organization.


Performance Marketing


Marketing performance focuses on the return of the marketing efforts to the business as well as the impact of that marketing on the company as a whole. The marketer must offer the Top Authority answers for the amount spent on marketing and its business impacts.


Furthermore, each enterprise has some legal, ethical and social duty towards society. Each dealer must ensure, as a vital, holistic marketing feature, that his efforts in favor of the product do not damage the customer's feelings and must be authentic in all respects.



What is the structure of holistic marketing?


This marketing approach is structured in three phases: analysis and identification, development, and delivery.


1. Analysis and identification


This phase involves analyzing new options, values, and the intended audience. The company learns about the requirements, desires, and wishes of its customers.


2. Creation


During this phase, the company develops the strategy it will use. With all the information acquired from the preceding phase, the marketing managers take a look at their firm from their point of view. By thinking about how the client believes, they learn how to attract, meet their desires and requirements, and give outstanding customer service.


3. Delivery


This phase involves customer interactions, internal management of resources, and the management of business partners. The main objective is to provide value to the clients, therefore helping to develop customer loyalty.



Why Holistic Marketing Matters


This is a method to promote the online success of your brand regardless of whether you name it holistic or multi-channel. It no longer works so well to attempt and hopefully stick to one platform. 


With public opinion growing more special about their material, the channels that fit their lives, hobbies, and groups of friends are much more likely to be chosen. This might range from skimming across Instagram and Facebook news feeds to seeking products on Google or reading up on your favorite blog.


We can suppose you opt to try your hand with one strategy, instead of covering all these situations and just proceed to your degree of effort. Maybe it seems like an all-encompassing SEO plan aiming at all of your products and services. 


You can only monitor and modify your SEO campaign for several months, shifting the focus away from any other technique. As a consequence, you may soar results pages, but conversions are not what they should be, and your target group looks to be more active in taking decisions across social media.


In one basket it is dangerous to place your eggs. In doing so, you intentionally decide not to recognize the reality that your prospects exist in a variety of media types.


All these channels are used for holistic marketing and they combine to produce a whole plan. All bases have been covered, investigated, and monitored. All of these outlets are tabs. They have allocated duties for each of these outlets if you have an internet marketing team. This is where an agency may make all the differences for companies that do not necessarily have in-house capabilities.



Holistic marketing examples


Starbucks is one of the world's finest café chains. This name is not only acquired by its flavor but the loan is paid for and gives high customer value.


To achieve this level, the firm has used a holistic marketing approach. The priority was always to provide a memorable customer experience and a relaxing atmosphere.

The brand rapidly became famous on the market and concentrated mostly on coffee enthusiasts from the corporate class.


Some of this organization's marketing techniques are outlined below:


  • One of Starbucks's top priorities was to provide an outstanding customer experience in the context of the marketing relationship strategy.

  • The firm has assessed its waiters as an internal marketing technique by naming their baristas. The employees were recognized as partners on the other hand.

  • It provided a comprehensive, professional marketing approach. Thus, inconveniently accessible areas, the identification of top-grade items at a considerable price.

  • Starbucks was to replace its cups with biodegradable ones, a groundbreaking social marketing initiative.


The ideal example for holistic marketing is Amazon. Their products and services are provided in accordance with the demands of the customers. The merchandise is properly labeled or arranged.


At first, they supplied the goods at home and decreased the effort of the customer. And they launched a service called same-day delivery after Amazon prime. 


Customers did not ask for Amazon Prime, but Amazon created this service to keep its people happy.


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Holistic marketing is a strategy that appears to grow even more significantly in the next few years, which will provide you many wonderful advantages.


Some guy once said, “no man and no nation is an island, but a part of a whole.” To achieve success, maybe you need to see things from a different angle. In the holistic marketing approach, marketing is not regarded as an autonomous element of the firm. To reach your goal, you must know everything. All businesses must analyze and evaluate numerous things. It doesn't matter how big or little they are. Therefore, all firms must expand a holistic approach to marketing.


At this moment, understanding the consumer's complicated thinking is more essential than ever. Nobody understands what exactly they want, but they know they want it nonetheless. You can get a lasting impression and relationship with your audience if your business is distinguished in the epidemic when the whole of the globe continuously consumes content. Don’t wait, make it happen.


We hope that this article has been successful in giving you an idea of how to start off with your own business. 

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