Top 5 SaaS Tools Every Business Should Use In 2022

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  • Feb 01, 2022
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According to the BetterCloud survey, around 38% of global businesses are adopting SaaS products, and it is predicted that the SaaS market will accelerate $60.36 billion by 2023.


There is not an iota of doubt that we use more SaaS applications today than before. Irrespective of the business you are in, you will always have a handful of apps available to make your work life simpler. 


In fact, sometimes it becomes difficult for the business owners and their teams to zero on just one or two tools to complete all the work. 


In this article, we are going to explore five SaaS tools that every business team will appreciate. 


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Top 5 Saas Tools that your business needs in 2022


Mid and large organizations are looking at SaaS investments—a profitable investment in cloud tech.


The fact that each SaaS tool is unique and comes with powerful functionalities and capabilities cannot be ignored. 


As the market is extremely diverse and finding the correct tool for your needs can be quite a task. 


We have made it simpler for you by listing down the top five SaaS tools that you can use to leverage your business potential in 2022. 


1. TravelPerk

Travelperk home page screen showing business travel that works for the whole business.


Large organizations who deal with hundreds and thousands of employees know that it is difficult to manage so many bookings together. Hence the need for a travel management app becomes necessary. 


TravelPerk is the one of the most widely used software for travel management if you are planning for a corporate or business travel program.


The intuitive design makes it easy for users to book their travels. You can access your preferences, loyalty points, and traveler data at any time.


The painless and customized travel policy will help your travelers book their travel destinations while staying within the policy. You can easily work on its custom corporate travel solutions.


With this all-in-one travel platform, you can easily streamline your travel management workflows by managing all the travelers' data in real-time. For example, you can track team, date, location, and project in real-time.


You will receive transparent invoices for all your purchases. Best corporate rates will assist you in optimizing the cost for the corporate travel program. 




  • Real-time alerts, reminders, and reporting

  • Quick payment processing, policy management, and reservations management

  • Easy access to the cloud, SaaS, and web-based mediums

  • Email, help-desk, FAQs, knowledge base, 24/7 live support available




  • Integrates all business trips in one single application

  • Easy to set up cost centers, policies, and new people to monitor travel spend

  • No hidden fees. All invoices are gathered using the trip ID




At the time we are writing this blog, TravelPerk has 'Free,' 'Premium,' and 'Pro' plans. Premium starts at € 15, and Pro starts at € 25 on each trip.



2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite home page screen showing social is your superpower.

Hootsuite is considered one of the top social media management platforms with 16 million users and 1000+ employees. It builds brands, connects with customers, and drives business-oriented results by integrating social media platforms worldwide. It empowers small, medium, and large-size businesses. 


This tool can be claimed to be one of the most matured offerings in the social media management industry. The functions are not only limited to scheduling posts but it also does a great job grabbing the key performance metrics and pulling data analytics. 


This tool ticks most of the boxes for the small businesses who are looking to use a tool that serves all their social media marketing needs. The best part is it doesn’t take you a lot of time to set it up and get started with it. It supports most social media profiles and pages. 




  • Content planning, optimization, marketing and scheduling

  • Automated routing and prioritization

  • Workflow management and audience targeting

  • Real-time tracking and competitor analysis

  • Integration features for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube 




  • Create and schedule several social media posts from one dashboard

  • Automated posts to arrive at the best times for audiences

  • A better understanding of customers by customized reports

  • Upskill yourself with training, certifications, and strategic coaching with Hootsuite experts 




At the time we are writing this blog, Hootsuite has 'Free,' 'Professional,' 'Team, Business, and customized Enterprise plans. The Professional, Team, and Business plans start at $19, $99, and $599 respectively, per month. 



3. Google Analytics 

Google analytics audience page screen is showing in the image.


Google Analytics can create custom website goals to measure your website's return on investment (ROI) and return on as spend (ROAS).


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What happens if your Google Ads will merge with Google Analytics? Now, you can effectively advertise and check how ad conversion can impact your sales performance.


Google Analytics is the best web analytics tool to provide rational information and unbiased data from Google. You can gain insights into various audience demographics including, gender, country, and age. You can also assess which search engine, either Google web search or YouTube, has created more conversions.


You can track which mobile or desktop devices customers have experienced more. Analyzing ad engagement & site conversion, discovering valuable customers, and re-engaging with audiences via personalized ads are smooth and convenient options for users.




  • Website conversion and visitor tracking

  • Customer user behavior analysis

  • Robust set of free tools and cookie-cutter features

  • Auto-tagging for Google properties

  • Easily integrate with Google ads, Google BigQuery, Google Optimize, Google Surveys, and Google Data Studio.




  • Understanding psychographics, demographics, and other persons of audiences

  • The accurate and transparent report provided by Google

  • Easy customizability for reporting, saved views, and module adjustments 




Google Analytics is free. However, its enterprise version 'Google Analytics 360' costs $150,000 per year.



4. Salesforce

Image showing Salesforce CRM homepage screen.


Salesforce supports CRM software to break down into departments and helps organizations complete customer journeys whenever they interact with your brand. Your employees can share a single customer view in sales, marketing, commerce, service, and IT.


The tool gives a holistic overview of the customer journey with its new offering, Customer 360. It manages first, second, and third-party data from known and unknown prospects.


It is the best CRM tool that integrates with AI to plan and optimize every customer interaction. Data-backed decisions will help you reach new customer segments.


It delivers consistent customer service across every customer interaction platform, including chat, AI bot, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other touchpoints. The Salesforce channel provides numerous cloud services including, sales cloud, data cloud, community cloud, marketing cloud, analytics cloud, service cloud, app cloud, and IoT cloud. 




  • Customer data management, workflow management, territory management, and contract management

  • Easy forecasting, pipeline visualization and customizable reports

  • Custom fields, custom objects, and API for custom integration

  • Social data and social engagement




  • Work on multiple devices, and easy to collaborate with teammates

  • Effortless third-party app integration can access pitches, presentations, and marketing materials

  • An automated business process with a simple point-and-click interface 



At the time we are writing this blog, Salesforce has four plans: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited which are priced at $25, $75, $150, and $300 respectively per month.



5. ClickUp

Image showing home page screen of ClickUp website.


ClickUp has the best project management tool for task management and team collaboration. The view feature gives you a bird-eye view to check tasks whether sorted, filtered or saved.


Creating a master hierarchy from space to list is an easy task. You can organize teams and departments into 'space,' categorize projects & initiatives into 'folder,' and break down various tasks into 'list.' You can further break down complex projects into 'subtasks.'


With this tool, you’ll also be able to customize your specific functionality by selecting one from 35+ ClickApps. Further, you can automate your routine work by integrating 50+ actions and triggers. Save your time by choosing hundreds of templates like views, checklists, docs, tasks, and many more.


You can assemble all visual widgets including tasks, time tracking, status, doc, embed, and sprints, into one platform with the dashboard. You can reduce the work capacity of your team members with the Workload & Box view feature.


You can track manually or automatically time with ClickUp's global timer. You can check your actual time spent with the Pulse feature empowered by Machine learning activity reports. 




  • Offers take management, resource management, and document management.

  • Supports agile methodology and waterfall methodology

  • Has great workflow automation, team collaboration, and email integration capabilities

  • Provides customized virtual workspace 




  • Comes with different views, including Gantt charts, lists, mind maps, calendars, boards, and more

  • Numerous templates and automation to save time

  • Excellent integrations with user-friendly apps including Google Drive, Github, Slack, Figma, Zapier, and so on




  • ClickUp has a forever 'Free' plan for personal use and a customized 'Enterprise' plan for large businesses.

  • At the time we are writing this blog - Unlimited, Business, and Business Plus plans start at $5, $9, & $19 per user per month. 





The SaaS applications mentioned above will enhance your organization's agility and productivity.


The best part about these tools is that they are a great way to reduce the investment costs without compromising on the functional needs. 


We also understand that not all of these tools will be of use to you, but our objective was to make you aware of these tools so that you can apply them as needed. 


Let us know in the Comments section below which tool from the abovementioned list made it to your list of favorites.

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