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Top Artificial Intelligence Applications for 2021

  • AS Team
  • May 14, 2021
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Assume we are attempting to comprehend the exact impact of science on our lives. In this post, we will attempt to capture the outstanding real-time artificial intelligence applications that will transform our understanding of life. 


To understand these real-time applications, one must undergo rigorous training on an artificial intelligence online course to enhance their skills. Here is the list;



Top 20 artificial intelligence applications 


  1. Face Recognition


Face recognition is a technique for detecting and defining a feature or element in a digital picture. This technique can also be applied to other types of research, such as pattern recognition, face identification, facial detection, object detection and recognition, optical character recognition, etc. Though there are many techniques available for image recognition, we mostly use machine learning as it is directly involved in extracting the key feature from the image and put it into a machine learning model. 


Image representing face recognition techniques with application

Face recogniton, Source: Greatlearning


  1. Sentiment Analysis


Another real-time artificial intelligence application is sentiment analysis. Opinion processing, emotion grouping, and other terms are also used. It's a method of deciding the speaker's or writer's mindset or point of view. 


We can use this sentiment analysis tool in various applications, including review-based websites and decision-making software. To learn these techniques, one can opt for an artificial intelligence course



  1. News Classification


The amount of information available on the internet has increased dramatically; however, each person has their interests or preferences. As a result, selecting or extracting relevant knowledge from the vastness of the internet has become a problem for users. Providing interesting types of news to target audiences boosts the acceptability of news pages.



  1. Video Surveillance


A short video file provides more information than textual information and other media files such as audio and photos. As a result, extracting valuable insights from video, i.e., an automated video surveillance device, has become a hot science topic. Video surveillance is an innovative use of the artificial intelligence approach in this regard.



  1. Email Classification and Spam Filtering


An artificial intelligence algorithm is used to detect email and filter spam automatically. To filter spam, various techniques are used, including the Naive Bayes Classifier, K Nearest Neighbour (KNN), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), and many more. Spam processing using a rule-based method has some disadvantages, while spam filtering using an AI approach is more effective.



  1. Speech Recognition


The method of converting spoken words into text is known as speech recognition. The advances in artificial intelligence and big data have been beneficial to this area. The voice recognition system that uses artificial intelligence outclasses the speech recognition system that uses the conventional process.



  1. Online Fraud Detection


The innovative use of an artificial intelligence algorithm is online fraud detection. This method is realistic for efficiently providing cybersecurity to consumers. PayPal has recently begun to use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to combat money laundering. This advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence illustration will help you minimise losses while maximising profits.



  1. Classification


The process of classifying objects or incidents into a collection of known categories is known as classification or categorization. A classifier framework that employs a machine learning approach becomes more complex. The machine learning approach aims to create a compact model. This method is intended to aid in the improvement of a classifier system's performance.



  1. Author Identification


The unauthorised use of online messages for immoral or unethical purposes has become a major societal issue as the Internet has grown in popularity. Author identification is needed in this case. 


Authorship identification is another term for author identification. It is a method to identify the author of specific texts or detect plagiarism. Various disciplines, such as criminal law, academia, and anthropology, can be included in the author recognition method.



  1. Prediction


Prediction is the act of predicting something based on past events. It could be weather forecasting, traffic forecasting, and so on. We can use an artificial intelligence approach to make all sorts of predictions. For prediction, many approaches can be used, such as the Hidden Markov model.



  1. Regression


Another artificial intelligence application is regression. There are many regression methods available.


Assume X1, X2, X3,...Xn are the input variables, and the output is Y. In this case, machine learning technology is used to generate the output (y) based on the input variables (x). A model is used to pinpoint the relationship between multiple variables.


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  1. Social Media Services


Social media use the AI approach to develop appealing and splendid features for their users, such as people you may know, recommendations, and react choices. Facebook constantly monitors your activities, such as who you talk with, your interests, your job, and your study location. As a result, Facebook makes a recommendation based on your activities.



  1. Medical Services


In the field of medical conditions, AI methods and techniques are widely used. For example, disease detection, therapy preparation, medical-related analysis, and disease scenario prediction. The application of machine learning-based software to the healthcare issue represents a significant advancement in medical science.

images showing AI in healthcare


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  1. Recommendation for Products and Services


If you search for something on Google, it will show you results that are close to your search. You'll note that you're given recommendations for similar online stores or services, this is due to the process of recommendation system. This advanced use of the artificial intelligence methodology is product and service suggestion.


image representing Recommendation system

Image source: GreatLearning


  1. Online Customer Supports


Almost all websites now allow customers to speak with a customer representative. However, there is no executive on any of the websites. They create a chatbot to communicate with customers and get their feedback. Only the AI approach allows for this. It's just one of the many advantages of using a machine learning algorithm.



  1. Age/Gender Identification


In the field of science, forensic related tasks have recently become a hot topic. Many researchers are working to create an enhanced system that is both effective and successful. In certain situations, determining one's age or gender is a necessary activity in this context. A machine learning and AI algorithm, such as an SVM classifier, can assess age or gender.



  1. Language Identification


The method of determining the form of language (Language Guessing) is known as language identification. Some language identification programs are Apache OpenNLP and Apache Tika. There are many methods for determining the language. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the most successful approaches.



  1. Information Retrieval


Information retrieval is an essential machine learning and artificial intelligence application. It is the method of extracting organised data or information from unorganised data. Since then, the amount of information available on online blogs, websites, and social media has increased dramatically.


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  1. Robot Control


Robot Control is an artificial intelligence application that is used in various robot control systems. For instance, recently, several types of research have been working to gain control over stable helicopter flight and helicopter aerobatics.



  1. Virtual Personal Assistant


A virtual personal assistant, commonly known as an AI assistant, is a machine learning and artificial intelligence application with advanced capabilities. A machine-learning-based system takes data, analyses the input, and generates the resulting output. Machine learning is essential because it acts based on previous experience.


Wrapping up…


Artificial Intelligence is exponentially growing to solve complex problems with its applications. The above list can give you an insight into AI applications and their usage.


Did we miss anything? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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