Vodafone collaborates with Google Cloud for”Nucleus”

May 04, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Vodafone collaborates with Google Cloud for”Nucleus” title banner

Vodafone is one of the biggest telecommunications giants.It has acquired a decent market share in Asia,Africa and Europe.It is headquartered in England.


The company’s approximate annual revenue is around 4,497.4 crores EUR.


Their tagline “connect for a better tomorrow”does justice to their line of operations.Vodafone is known  to offer cutting edge technology to its users. It  works diligently to provide the best services.

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To stay ahead in the race from its competitors Vodafone has collaborated with Alphabet Inc’s  “Google Cloud” to create “Nucleus”a cloud based storage portal that will host Vodafone's data.


Cloud storage is a computing model that stores data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider. ”Nucleus” will also work as an “analytics portal” to display reports and dashboards which will increase user engagement in return.


Companies like Spotify,Philips,Snapchat,HTC,Coca-Cola are using google cloud services for efficiency,scalability, and improved performance.


Statistics suggest 91%business enterprises are using public cloud.72%have ensured their trust in private cloud. Every company is actively adapting itself and adopting the cloud platforms.


AWS(Amazon Web Services),Microsoft Azure,Google Cloud ,IBM Cloud are the world’s leading cloud providers that are helping companies  by simplifying administration operations  ,providing adequate backup storage options  and ensuring scalability.


Nucleus will process 50 terabytes of data in a day within the cloud. Vodafone will host its SAP environment and big data  business intelligence workload will be transferred to Google Cloud.


“Nucleus” will work on “Dynamo” which will drive data throughout Vodafone to enable data to be transferred quickly to new customers. It will also provide personalized services across multiple markets.


Dynamo will offer  tailor made connectivity services for homes,businesses through its smart network features,such as providing a broadband speed boost. Johan Wibergh,Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone said,”Vodafone is building a powerful foundation for a digital future.


We have vast amounts of data which,when securely processed and made available across our footprint using the collective power of Vodafone and Cloud’s engineering expertise will transform the services for customers and governments”.


Vodafone will also re-platform its SAP environment to Google Cloud. As a part of the process it will migrate its SAP workloads to restructure modules such as SAP Finance.


According to ETCIO,the six year agreement will support Vodafone by providing reliable and secure data analytics. It will also assist in the introduction of new digital  products and services for Vodafone consumers worldwide.

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