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Top 13 Tools for Network Marketing Business

  • Manisha Sahu
  • Aug 02, 2021
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What is it that attracts more customers to your company? How do distributors profit from their marketing efforts? Do you have any ideas for solutions? You probably guessed it just now, 'the marketing skills.'


They do not appear out of nowhere with such skillsets. So, how did they pull it off? They were able to accomplish this through proper training and successful routines. They were then able to make a fortune by mastering marketing skills.



Network Marketing Strategies and Tools


Marketing is essential regardless of the type of business you operate. Marketing with proper communication allows for something unique, something that adds value to your company. Network marketing is a well-known business model with numerous opportunities.


We know network marketing is no exception, and it's one of the best business models for product or service companies looking to increase sales through the hands of skilled or professional distributors. 


As a network marketing company, it is critical that all network distributors have marketing skills. The basic concept is to nurture them through proper training. But now we must all devise a strategy to ensure a consistent online presence. 


Maximize your business's efficiency to optimize it. Finding customers, engaging distributors, and calculating commissions without error are now simple tasks. All such processes that require more attention can be handled automatically, requiring less effort and time.


Streamline the business process and organize your company. Finding the target audience has become simple, and internet users are increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, the need for appropriate marketing tools has become an unavoidable masterpiece in the marketing world.


Technology has made it possible to replace manual labor with automation in almost any business. Getting closer to customers or prospects determines company growth in the MLM industry.


The higher the accuracy of all business processes, the higher the success rate. Let's take a look at the marketing tools you must have in your network marketing online platform to use in network marketing promotional campaigns to achieve success.


1. Social media promotional tools


People all over the world are influenced by social media platforms. Some use social media to pass the time, while others use it to socialize and connect with more people. That is the true definition of productivity, not addiction, in business or productive terms!


Posting content and posts on social media is a critical component in converting prospects into customers. Optimizing your social media sharing will allow you to stay active in your community and thus grow your business.


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Connect and communicate on social media to stay active.


  • Chatbots - Use custom responses to communicate with customers or prospects on social media.

  • Sharing of posts - Posts can be scheduled to be shared in multiple social networks at the same time, saving time and effort.

  • Personalized communication - Instead of sales promotional messages, regular communication can be maintained through social media.

  • View reports - Create reports on the network's overall performance, growth, and engagements.


2. Business Intelligence Tools


Business data reports that are automated will help a company run more effectively and efficiently. Exploring and analyzing business reports will help to improve business performance. Automated reports can be generated at predetermined intervals, such as weekly or monthly. Business Intelligence tools can also identify the root causes of problems in your business and recommend solutions to resolve them.


Let's look at how to conduct an in-depth analysis and grow your business.


  • Demographic analytics entails analyzing visitors based on gender or age and tailoring offers accordingly.

  • Geographic analytics entails analyzing visitors' geographical preferences and recommending or promoting products based on location preferences.

  • Location-specific reports assist in focusing on the areas where you should focus more attention and introduce specific products or services.

  • Sales-based analytics determines which products or services will accelerate business growth and plan promotional activities accordingly.

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) entail analyzing performance and unnecessary expenses and make recommendations and solutions to avoid them.


3. LinkedIn prospecting


Why did we place more emphasis on LinkedIn than on a standard title in social prospecting? The reason for this is because of the LinkedIn platform's options and power.


LinkedIn is a professional community, so if you are a genuine network marketing professional, you will get serious customers from this platform. However, you can't just go on LinkedIn and start prospecting.


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There are numerous things to learn, such as when to upgrade to a premium account, how to use Inmails, LinkedIn groups, and much more. For the best results, spend some money on a system that provides insights based on your responses, and then make smart decisions to change your communication style as needed.


4. Marketing Automation


Regular customer or prospect interaction can be automatically updated without the need for any manual procedures. Repetitive marketing tasks can be automated through various marketing channels such as email, social media, and so on to save time and effort. 


Various tasks can be automatically scheduled and tracked. Lead generation and product marketing can both be automated. Check out some of the features of Marketing Automation. 


  • Lead Segmentation: This entails locating leads and categorizing them based on personal preferences. It is done with the age or gender of the leads in mind.

  • Lead nurturing: This is about developing a personal relationship with your leads in order to increase engagement. It will increase their lead score and encourage them to join as a buyer.

  • Lead scoring: This entails ranking leads based on their level of interest or response. When a lead expresses more interest, the lead score rises.

  • Relationship marketing: This focuses on engaging and retaining customers by developing a strong relationship with them. Focus on developing a customer-centric culture and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Cross-selling and upselling: Cross-selling is an automated process that encourages buyers to purchase related products. Upselling is the practice of persuading customers to purchase higher-priced items.

  • Marketing ROI measurement: Measuring marketing ROI is dependent on what percentage of sales growth is allocated to marketing processes. It is necessary to develop complex formulas, and calculating ROI for large businesses takes time.


5. CRM, email marketing and follow-up tools (an auto-responding systems)


There are a number of mobile apps that act as your own personal assistant, allowing you to focus on generating and nurturing your prospect list. An MLM business can benefit from apps like myBeeHyve, which can increase productivity and revenue generation. An additional feature of the apps is the ability to create follow-up activities and receive notifications when it's time to follow up on those activities.


Each touch-point can also be tracked with these tools, as well as a more in-depth search for contacts. Aside from bulk contact import, goal tracking, and bulk emailing, the app can also handle bulk contact import, goal tracking, and custom fields. A new generation of mobile apps is transforming the way network marketers manage their contact lists, connect with prospects, and build their businesses.


Unlike other contact management systems, it is specifically designed for the growing network marketing market. Different social media platforms, websites, e-commerce stores, etc. have been introduced to us. When did they stop bombarding you with new offers and confirmation emails? In your mind, you already know the answer.


It doesn't matter if it's 2010 or 2021, email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your prospects and build relationships. But it's not as simple as sitting in your chair, typing an email, and clicking "send." What more can you ask for?


Customer value and proper content layout must be given top priority. For what does delivering value to a customer through an email count as a win? As a marketing professional, you must provide them with relevant content that expresses the benefits of accepting your offer.


Again, providing benefits can be written directly with some exciting ways of persuading customers. You can't send emails to everyone, but you can hire a mass email marketing company to help you reach that goal.


Why haven't they put a stop to it? Why? Because our internet world is vast and the dots between them are usually linked by email. Email marketing becomes a powerful tool with an attractive template and useful content representation.


These include tools like MailChimp, which allow you to send individual and bulk emails in record time and with minimal effort. It's a simple way to create, send, share, and track email newsletters online. Emails can be sent quickly and easily without requiring a lot of effort or resources.


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Yet another tool is Aweber. This is an automated email marketing service that allows you to communicate with your blog subscribers or network marketing team.


Imagine having to send an email to every member of your team or everyone who visits your blog and requests information about your company. That would undoubtedly be a nightmare! With a single click, you can send an email to thousands of people. It's a great way to make the most of your time and efforts.


6. Graphic Designing Tools


With the right design-based promotions, you can market your network marketing business as well. What if you could create designs from pre-built templates instead of having to start from scratch? It's as simple as dragging and dropping the banner image, typing in the content, and publishing it. Graphics are important, and visually appealing designs help people learn what you are trying to offer.


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The content that MLM marketers create must be compelling, which is why powerful graphics are a must. Content must be consistent and professional. Choose from pre-designed templates.


As mentioned above, it's always best if the MLM software or system you use has a drag and drop feature. Aside from infographics, people are interested in other design elements. As long as the infographic is designed with the intention of helping people, it should be a good idea.


The image shows that the events and meetings can be scheduled using tools like zoom. Plan your next event or meeting based on the availability of the people you contacted.

Event scheduler


7. Video conferencing tools


With tools like Zoom, network marketers can easily hold video conferences with their uplines, downline members, and real-time prospects. As a result, Zoom can be used as a tool for team training, product or opportunity presentations, and mentoring sessions.


People (distributors and companies) have the opportunity to embed their interactive videos on their websites in different ways. Using video as a guide through your entire business, the table of contents, or as a promotional video made by the experts, introduction to your products and services, they can do it all!


For this, you need to be creative. People like to see new things that work well. Presentations are streamlined with a smooth transition from basic elements to advanced elements.


8. Youtube


The world's largest video-sharing site, Youtube, is a free way to get your message out there. Your business, products, or services will be brought to the attention of those who need what you have to offer.


As a result, you can take advantage of YouTube's reach. As a result of your video, it will continue to be seen by millions of people for many years without your presence being necessary.


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9. Webinars


Consider offering free webinars to people who show some interest in your services as an MLM consultant or as an MLM company. That, too, from the experts, will give your business more authority.


People are always looking for new ways to do things. People from all over the world love to attend a marketing webinar, which is, of course, one of the most effective marketing tools. Do you find it difficult to follow?


As a marketing tool, a webinar is conducted to improve marketing. It's an art of persuasion that involves speech, language, teaching, and presentation. Sometimes, it's even more!


10. Replicate websites


As a network marketer, you need a distributor website. Using a replicated website, distributors can manage their entire network from one central location with ease. What could a replicated website do for you?


No, there's more to it than that, unfortunately. Content marketing techniques can put the power in their hands. As a result of a regular blog with informative content, others can benefit from the information. The addition of a subscription increases visibility and helps increase conversions.


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Where in this context is a newsletter subscription relevant? The reason for this is that you've just achieved a major milestone with the help of your website. As a measure, it's much more accurate.


11. Influencer Marketing


The Internet has created a new type of celebrity, the influencer. Many of them have their own websites and can be found on every social media platform. In addition, their audience-relationship skills provide instant credibility for their brand.


Their services can be used in a variety of ways, including placing advertisements in their content, wearing your products for sale, or reviewing/endorsing your services or products.


You can reach the customer through a trusted source, which is a very effective marketing tool.


12. Event Scheduling and posting on social media


Any network marketer should be familiar with the home party business model. For an event scheduler, it's the perfect scenario. As a business, you might want to consider group sales.


Typically, the party sales company pitches the idea of throwing a party to the consultants. The consultant is now a host who welcomes guests and then gives a friendly presentation about the company's products. What else works in the party industry? The hosts increase their sales by referring new consultants, new parties, and more sales.


Events and meetings can be scheduled using tools like When2meet, which are free to use. Plan your next event or meeting based on the availability of the people you contacted.


All of these parties require a great deal of software. A new party can be scheduled based on the availability of a date and a time.


13. Tools for Boosting Sales


Through Facebook Groups, WordPress blogs, and even YouTube, you can increase the growth of your MLM team as well as sales and leads. Using online communication channels and forums to reach out to wider audiences is another great network marketing tool.


A final word on network marketing software: it's a game-changer! Direct selling businesses can benefit from MLM software because it helps them manage their operations more efficiently. Importance of a computer as a tool for improving productivity and achieving work goals.


The best MLM software is ventaforce. Unique direct selling software, Ventaforce combines innovation and quality with a level of service and support that can never be taken for granted. With over 151+ features, this MLM software is the sharpest tool in your network marketing kit.


Facebook Group and MailChimp can automate the lead generation and email marketing steps required in network marketing, but MLM software can have a far greater impact on your business's profitability. Ventaforce can help you grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors. This is a perfect solution for growing businesses.



Let’s sum up


For both companies and the distributor network, each of the tools mentioned in this article opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Looking to automate and leverage your business? Then you'll want to read this article. 


Any business will benefit greatly from understanding and combining these core aspects of network marketing. Each aspect is as important as the next, and together they can be used to create your overall strategy and help you achieve the central goal of speeding up business growth.

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