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How is AI transforming Business Intelligence (BI)?

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Jun 06, 2022
  • Updated on: Nov 23, 2022
How is AI transforming Business Intelligence (BI)? title banner

AI is strengthening its claws everywhere, leaving lasting notes on the world, from deep learning-enabled software to autonomous cars, smart robotics to IoT apps. In the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, AI-enabled technologies have distinct ratings, indicating that AI is invincible in the technology world. 


We live in a time when everything is changing. Industries are undergoing changes. Small businesses are gradually gaining market share and developing a brand. In business, the term monopoly is slowly receding, and anyone with the appropriate strategy and new products can share revenue.


Businesses, on the other hand, are attracted to AI business intelligence and analytics skills since the notion increases income streams and provides useful insights. In fact, the growing volume and complexity of data within firms is encouraging the use of AI to improve operations.


There are a wide range of applications of AI in the business world. In reality, most of us engage with AI on a regular basis in some form or another. AI is already affecting practically every business activity in every industry, from the commonplace to the spectacular. 


As AI technologies become more widely used, they are becoming increasingly important for businesses to maintain a competitive advantage. So, how does artificial intelligence (AI) operate in the corporate world? Let us try to grasp what artificial intelligence is and why it is so vital for today's commercial corporations through this blog.


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Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence


For those unfamiliar with the term, business intelligence (BI) refers to systems that automate the collecting, processing, and analysis of large amounts of data. Organizations may use the massive amounts of data they collect to improve their business processes and make better decisions. 


As important as BI is, it has inherent flaws that limit the value it provides to businesses. For example, BI capability has a limit, and the sheer volume of data being collected is approaching that limit. The use of AI to BI will be extremely beneficial because the latter complements the former.


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a phrase used to describe the process of teaching computer systems human intelligence features like learning, problem solving, and decision making. AI-powered machine learning (ML) technology has largely enabled AI applications in business, which can be utilized to accomplish specialized activities such as:


  1. Read and understand written text, such as criticism or suggestions from users.


  1. Identify and categorize visual pictures and photos.


  1. Recognize face traits and objects, allowing for product recommendations and facial identification.


The enhanced process automation capabilities that AI technology delivers are one of the most significant ways that AI technology is revolutionizing modern enterprises. Automation in all forms is a welcomed business element as firms emphasize their attention on developing their business, lowering overhead expenses, and improving their customer experience.


While AI-driven technologies can work as stand-alone business solutions, in many cases, the AI components are employed to improve and streamline existing systems and processes. 


AI is now being utilized to help web developers create highly functional and aesthetically beautiful website layouts, for example. Machine learning algorithms can be used to suggest layout changes and font styles based on the type of business or target market.


The landscape of fleet management is another area where AI has caused major disruption. Thanks to automakers like Tesla, autonomous car operating has been well-known for a long time. That same technology, on the other hand, is now being leveraged to create new solutions for commercial freight businesses. 


Using telematics and on-vehicle sensors, AI-powered solutions can follow mobile assets like self-driving semi-trucks or courier vans in near real-time, giving considerable safety and cost-saving benefits.



When AI and BI merge, what happens?


Take, for instance, the consumer goods industry. The firm has no idea how well their trade promotions are performing and wants to know how their data is performing in various sectors.


The only way to address this problem is to use artificial intelligence in business. Big data and AI technologies make it easier to combine chaotic and irregular data when performing text analysis. 


AI algorithms have enabled the integration of a wide range of data sources into a dependable and consistent business. Furthermore, AI assists users in retrieving the information and insights they require.


BI inside AI may be more consistent when the user interacts with and works on these insights. When AI is paired with BI tools, it can advise the design team on what to cut and what to keep in the event of a new promotion. The sales rep will have all of the information they need on their smartphone.


How can AI assist us in putting data to use?


Following the real-time collection of data. Artificial intelligence enables users to compete with other data sources by utilizing their own data. Users will be able to put AI to the test by detecting new patterns and developing actionable recommendations based on those new trends. Finally, it ensures that the user receives the data insights when and where they are required.


Despite this, many companies are still trailing behind when it comes to adopting AI into their analytics. Companies that employ artificial intelligence outperform their competitors in terms of generating revenue and overall business performance.

Breaking down a big volume of data into granular insights is where business intelligence's true value may be seen. It allows businesses to grasp the finer points of a larger picture. BI applications' capacity and functionality are also enhanced by AI. Real-time insight, on the other hand, can be a serious problem.


In fact, the primary function of BI is to analyze and visualize data. But! This data result cannot be generated by BI in real-time, nor can it be predicted by it. AI, combined with cutting-edge technology like machine learning (ML), gives it the ability to generate real-time insights and trends. Increasing the value of BI to the organization is a good thing.


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What role does AI play in Business Intelligence Applications?


  1. AI enhances the capabilities of business intelligence (BI)


Business intelligence applications benefit from artificial intelligence. Business intelligence is better positioned with AI to break down vast volumes of big data into granular insights. AI helps businesses to better comprehend the value of tiny components within a broader picture.


Then there's the problem of real-time insights, given that BI can analyze and visualize huge data but not foresee trends or provide real-time insights in its current iteration. AI, on the other hand, makes use of cutting-edge technology such as machine learning to provide real-time predictions regarding future trends. 


As a result, business intelligence systems' capabilities will be expanded, and their value to businesses will be enhanced.


  1. Fill the Void


AI-enabled Business intelligence (BI) enables organizations to gain vital insights from previously unexplored data. AI-powered business intelligence apps may analyze new data and spot any significant trends for the company. 


AI also enables BI to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing in order to broaden the scope of the information displayed. 


Organizations want solutions that bridge the gap between visual representation and actionable insights, rather than relying on a visual dashboard of big data trends. This is where AI-powered business intelligence can help.


  1. Making a complicated procedure easier to understand


Even with business intelligence technologies, surveying massive data can be a difficult operation. To gather the necessary information, professional data analysts must examine hundreds of charts and dashboards. AI, on the other hand, can make things easier.


Because AI-based technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning are bridging the gap between machine and human communication, simplification occurs. AI enables robots to better understand human language and vice versa, making it easier for data analysts to discover correlations and insights. 


AI-powered BI enables businesses to analyze a wider range of data, including both structured and unstructured data, in order to obtain more detailed and comprehensive insights.

  1. Address talent-storage Issues


When data comes in from various sources, it's difficult for dashboards to present the data in an easy-to-read style. With AI, however, the data may be specified at a large scale, making it easier to acquire meaningful insights. Then there's the question of talent. 


Data analysts are in limited supply as of 2019. By doing some of the responsibilities traditionally assigned to a data analyst, the correct processing software can assist ease some of the challenges caused by a skills shortage.


  1. Time Management


Employees in the UK waste millions of days every year on time-consuming jobs, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.


Similarly, according to a workplace research conducted by AtTask and Harris Interactive, employees in the United States spend only 45 percent of their time on their principal responsibilities. Employers are essentially compensating their employees for not working as much as they should.


With such revelations of employee irresponsibility, any method to address this waste of company resources is a welcome development for executives.


Automating routine tasks is possible. Employers will no longer have to be concerned about their employees failing to complete their tasks. Machines that have been programmed will carry out tasks in accordance with the criteria and norms that have been established.


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What Are the Industry-Wide Benefits of AI?


The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) into the corporate sphere has resulted in a slew of automation advantages for developing companies. This is especially true for data scientists who use machine learning to improve the accuracy and efficiency of very complicated and technical business analysis. AI's importance isn't confined to tech-based businesses, however.


There are many applications of AI in business like human resources, accounting, and even healthcare, where enormous volumes of client and customer data are accessible and maintained. 


By processing vast volumes of data faster and more efficiently than humans, AI-driven systems can help medical practitioners diagnose and treat their patients faster and more accurately. Meanwhile, AI technologies in HR and accounting departments aid in the automation of redundant and repetitive data input and reporting chores, as well as increasing productivity and output.


Bottom Line


Small businesses can now use tried and true strategies to attain higher business goals thanks to the introduction of AI into the market. Whether pleasant or rough, the future is rapidly approaching, and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly play a role.


As this technology advances, the world will witness new businesses, consumer applications, and employment displacement, as well as the creation of whole new jobs. 


AI boosts competitive advantage for businesses, while established corporations offer the infrastructure on which to construct creative solutions. AI has become a necessary component of reality, from functioning as a robot in a manufacturing plant to self-driving cars and voice-activated resources in complex medical procedures.

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